Travel Essentials: Your Beauty Kit When Travelling

You are  ready to pack your bags and go off on another holiday or business trip. What are the top10 travel essentials you will pack in your carry-on luggage?

On this trip pay a little more attention to what you put in your beauty kit. It is more than just lipstick, eyeliner, hand lotion, and a comb. Then there are plane rules to remember, such as everything has to be under 100ml.


1. Moisturisers: Face creams, hand lotion, lip balm and spray mist are all travel essentials for a good reason! They keep your face and body hydrated and that is top on your beauty list. Aeroplanes, air-conditioned hotels and the beach will dry your skin out quickly. To save more space, you can combine your serum and face moisturiser that will also work as a face mist on the go!

2. Sunscreen: Like moisturisers, sunscreen in your day cream is a must-have item. Try to use a light sunscreen that is not sticky or heavy with at least SPF 30. It will work for both your face and body.

3. Facewash and wipes: You will be amazed at how often you use a facewash! You are out and about, and as soon as you are back in your hotel room, you dash for the bathroom to wash your face. Carry a gentle, gel facewash with creamy foam, leaving your face moisturised and refreshed. Also, keep a pack of travel wipes handy in your purse for the plane.

4. Perfume and deo: This is the best time to pack those mini travel-size perfume bottles which you were given as gifts by the department store sales lady. But if you are stuck on one scent, then pack your signature fragrance.

5. Eye mask and earplugs: You may forget these, but they are essential for your beauty sleep. Get a good night’s rest even if the hotel you booked has thin walls, or you have to sleep with the lights on, or want to avoid waking up with puffy eyes.

6. BB Cream: One of the most popular for busy travellers, you can use your BB cream as a moisturiser-cum-foundation. We suggest you pack one of these tinted moisturisers with sunscreen.

7. Compact with mirror: Take one compact powder, preferably one that goes on wet as well as dry. It will replace your foundation and finish off your BB cream without drying your skin out. This is a 2-in-1 item as you need a mirror to put your lipstick and eyeliner or mascara on.

8. Lippers: Your makeup kit should have 3 different shades; one for day wear, one dark shade for the night and one neutral colour that goes in your purse along with a lip gloss. Six lip products should be enough: 3 lipsticks, 1 neutral lip gloss, 1 lip liner and a tinted lip balm with SPF for your purse are must-have beauty items.

9. Eye makeup: Eye makeup essentials include a waterproof mascara and a couple of eyeliners in different shades.

10. Hair Care: Throw in a hairbrush and even a cordless iron. You may have to look wild if there aren’t any hair salons or parlours nearby.


Are there any travel essentials you just can’t do without? Share your travel tips and experiences below.


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