22 Types of Bra Every Women Must Know

Types of Bra


Most women do not even know about the types of bra that are out there in the market.

Almost 64% of the women wear a wrong sized/shaped bra whereas only 24% of them know that they are wearing the wrong kind.

We all know that bras have evolved a lot since their invention and different types of bras have expanded in the market. Now, depending on the breast size, shapes, tastes, and lifestyles there are many types of bras and every woman should have proper knowledge while choosing the right lingerie for herself.

You have to know what types of bra size, shape, and style complements your body the most, as the right types of bras can enhance your look magically and a wrong one can ruin your look entirely.

Size of your breasts can change throughout your life due to many reasons, such as, fluctuating weight or having children. First, you need to know your bra size according to the shape and size of your breasts.

Bra Size Measurements

As there are different types of bras of many sizes, you need to measure your band, bust and cup size first to find a bra that fits you perfectly. There are three steps by which you can measure your bra size easily.

1. Measure Your Band Size

different types of bra

To measure the band size, wear a non-padded and lightly lined bra. Take a measuring tape and wrap it across your back, under your bust while keeping it parallel to the ground. Note down the number.

2. Measure The Bust Size

bust size

Take the measuring tape across your fullest chest. Do not make it too loose, take a few deep breaths so the tape rests on the most comfortable position. Just remember that different types of bras have different designs so measuring your bust properly is really important.

3. Determine the cup size

cup size

There are many types of bras out there and depending on the maker of the bra cup sizes can vary. The most common way to measure the cup size is to subtract the band size from the bust size. According to the following size chart find your perfect cup size.

Cup size chart

Top 22 Best Types of Bra

So, here we are describing 22 types of bra and the styles that will be the best for you.

1. Padded Bra

padded bra

Among the different types of bras, the most common is the padded bra, it has pockets to insert pads or is crafted with padded cups. These bra types add a little extra volume to the breasts and also give them a fuller and rounder shape. This comes with both non-wired and underwired styles. The under-wired padded bra gives a gentle lift to the breasts and the best part is that it can completely hide the visible nipples.

Suitable For:

These padded bras are suitable for almost all breast types. You can wear them every day and they can even be paired with almost all outfits.

2. T-Shirt Bra

T Shirt Bra

These T-Shirt types of bras are quite similar to an underwired padded bra. The T-shirt bra has a smooth and seamless cup that leaves no impression while you wear it under any close-fitting outfit.

Suitable For:

It works best with almost all breast types and you can wear it every day on any occasion. T-Shirt bras look great with any body-hugging dresses and T-shirts.

3. Push Up Bras

Push Up Bra

Amongst the different types of bras out there, this bra truly gives the confidence we need most of the time. Just like the name, push up bra lifts and pushes the breasts closer and gives you a more prominent cleavage. Usually, push up bras have an underwired cup that gives the breast a gentle lift. They also have angular padding that can easily change the look and shape of your breasts. Push up bra comes with three levels. Level 1 push up bra is for small breasts, whereas level 2 is for semi-full or small breasts and level 3 for full or semi-full breasts.

Suitable For:

These types of bras are suitable for those who have small or saggy breasts. You can wear it with low cut blouses, and outfits which have a plunging neck.

4. Underwired Bras

types of bras

Underwired bras have wired cups which may be padded or not padded. The breast looks perkier for the underwire. Women who feel that they need an extra lift to their breasts should definitely go for these types of bras.

Suitable for:

Underwired bras are appropriate for large breasts and they can be worn with any outfit on any occasion.

5. Bralette

Bralette Bra

Bralette is the combination of a crop top and a bra and you can even wear it as fashionable outerwear. These bras are really easy to wear and usually non-padded and non-wired. Bralette focuses more on comfort and style.

Suitable For:

This is suitable for small and medium breasts. You can wear bralettes like crop tops or with any transparent or backless outfits.

6. Multiway/Convertible Bra

Convertible Bra

Multiway/Convertible bra is the master of all the bras out there. You can style your look multiway as this convertible bra allows you to go with one-strap, two-straps, halter neck, criss-cross or cross-shoulder and even strapless as it has detachable straps.

Suitable For:

The best part of this convertible/multiway bra is that it suits every breast type. You can wear it every day with any tank tops and racerback dresses and in the gym as well.

7. Balconette Bra

Balconette Bra

The term ‘Balconette’ has derived from the world balcony as it resembles the wide neckline. Balconette bra is easily identifiable by its wide-set straps. Generally, these types of bras work best for broad necklines.

Suitable For:

Balconette bras are perfect for small and medium breasts women. You can wear these types of bra with any wide neck tops, sarees, salwar suits on any occasion.

8. Front Open Bra

Front Open Bra

A hook or a clasp at the center gore is the main key feature of these types of bra. This is one of the most convenient amongst all the bra types. Women who find it really difficult to clasp the back on the back should go for this one.

Suitable for:

Front open bras are suitable for women who have heavy breasts.

9. Strapless Bra

Strapless Bra

As the name suggests strapless bra can be worn without the straps. In these types of bra, there is an inner silicone lining along the edges, this lining prevents the bra from slipping down. Here the cups are underwired that provide the main support to this bra. sometimes, some strapless bra also has side boning for extra support.

Suitable for:

This strapless bra is strictly for small-breasted women. One can wear it with any off-shoulder tops, tube tops, and racerback dressed on any occasion be it a party or a casual outing.

10. Bandeau Bra

Bandeau Bra

Tube bras or bandeau bras are a type of strapless bras. They have no wiring, no straps, and no padding. But some tube bra types cups come with a pocket to insert pads. These types of bras are best for the times when you don’t want to hide your straps.

Suitable For:

This type of bra is suitable for small breasts and can be worn with off-shoulder tops, tube tops, sheer tops, and deep neck dresses.

11. Halter Bra

Halter Bra

In halter types of bra, the straps can be either tied at the back of the neck or a single strap will go around the neck. As the name suggests it will work best under any halter dresses or tank tops. You can convert most of the multiway/convertible bras into the halter style too.

Suitable for:

The halter bra is suitable for all breast types. It is comfortable under any tube top, strapless dresses, tank tops. Halter neck dresses and racerback dresses.

12. Nursing/ Maternity Bra

Nursing Bra

As a blessing to the new moms, these Nursing bras are invented. These bras have a flap at the cups and that provide easy access while feeding your newborn. These flaps can be unhooked even in one hand. These types of bra are made up of breathable cotton and non-wired as well as non-padded thus the mother feels comfortable during the time of breast tenderness.

Suitable For:

This type of bra provides convenient feeding access and good for the pregnancy and the postpartum period.

13. Plunge Bra

Plunge Bra

Wearing an outfit with a low neckline? Want to avoid embarrassing bra peaks? Go for these Plunge bras. Plunge bra covers one-third of the breasts and has demi-coverage cups and a deep neckline to the center gore.

Suitable for:

This type of bra is suitable for small to medium breasts and looks good with V neckline dresses.

14. Cage Bra

Cage Bra

These types of bras have multiple straps on the front and on the back and serve both as outerwear and innerwear.

Suitable for:

Cage bra is suitable for all breast types. One can wear it with sheer tops and scoop back dresses and also can be worn with a jacket.

15. Beginner’s bra

Beginner’s bra

This bra is perfect for every young girl and provides a perfect ‘first bra’ experience. It does not have any hook, wires or pads.

Suitable for:

This type of bra provides support to growing girls and is ideal for teenagers and can be worn under school uniforms, T-shirts and dresses.

16. Sports Bra

Sports Bra

While doing any physical exercise, sports bras are the best choice for anyone. These bras provide a minimum bounce to the breasts. And depending on the type of activity you can choose from low to heavy impact sports bras.

Suitable for:

It is suitable for every breast type. Low impact sports bras are perfect for walking, yoga, pilates and strength training. For dance, skiing, cycling, and Zumba you can choose medium impact sports bras. Heavy workouts like gym, running and hiking you should choose a heavy impact bra.

17. Full Figure Bras

Full Figure Bras

Among different types of bra, full figure bras come with broader side coverage and full coverage cups. Women who have bigger and fuller breasts should choose these bras as the full figure bras will do wonder to their bodies.

Suitable For:

These bras can be worn with any dresses, tops, and T-shirts.

18. Bridal Bras

Bridal Bras

Bridal bras have premium fabrics like satin and lace and come with super sexy designs. It is the fanciest of all the other bra types.

Suitable For:

It is suitable for all breast types and good for weddings and honeymoons.

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19. Transparent Bras

Transparent Bras

These bras have transparent shoulder and back straps so you can easily wear it under any off-shoulder or backless clothes.

Suitable for:

This is suitable for large breasted women and is best for backless dresses and tube tops.

20. Longline Bra

Longline Bra

As the name suggests longline bra extends to a little above or over the belly button. The straps of these are thick and support every breast type.

Suitable for:

This Types of bra is perfect for any body-hugging dresses, corsets, evening wear dresses, etc and suitable for every breast size.

21. Stick on Bras

Stick on Bra

Stick on bras have an adhesive on the inner side that helps to stick the bra to the body. These types of bras do not have any back straps or shoulder straps.

Suitable for:

This type of bra may not work for women with heavy breasts. Small breasted women can work with backless dresses, off-shoulder tops, tube tops, and racerback or sheer back dresses.

22. Silicone Bra

Silicone Bra

Silicone bras are a type of stick on bras. Here, this bra lifts the breast a little and pushes them closer so you have a more prominent cleavage.

Suitable for:

These are really soft and comfortable and creates wonders for the body of the women who have relatively small breasts.

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Cleaning Your Bra

You need to take proper care of your bras. Always remember that hand washing the lingerie are way better than washing them in the washing machine.

  • Fill a tub with lukewarm water and add alcohol-free detergent in it. Soak your bra for at least an hour in this then gently rub the fabric to remove the dirt. Always rinse in cold water. Remember to hang it to dry.
  • If you are washing the bras in the washing machine then remember to hook the backs of the bra and wash on a delicate cycle in cold water. Never put the bra in the drier, and remember to hang to dry it.

Storing Your Bra

Store your bra in a drawer according to the colour. You can stock them one behind another or just hang them on a hanger. Remember not to fold the cups.

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Most of the women don’t have a bra to match with her dresses, or do not even know what is the right bra that they should wear underneath her perfect dresses. In the time of choosing a smart lingerie we women often get confused.

Whether you are a teenager or a bride to be feeling overwhelmed by all the bras out there, we have tried to list 23 types of bra. And also mentioned the different types of bra styles here for any outfit, designs, breast sizes and occasions.

Did we miss anything? Do you think there is something more that we should have mentioned? Please tell us in the comment section below.

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