What’s Your Parenting Style?


Since the dawn of time, parents have been trying to keep their kids safe, happy and grow up to be responsible, contributing adults. Over time, parents develop their unique parenting style. But there are many ways of raising children and being a good parent. Here are some of the top parenting styles right now that you can explore:

  1. Stay-at-home moms: Women are going out becoming as successful as men, despite the fact that most parents think children are better off with one parent at home to care for them fulltime. Moms in their twenties agree with this the most, especially for babies, toddlers and very young children. But working moms, do not despair! Recent research reveals that kids are just as happy with working moms as those with stay-at-home mothers. Kids are stronger than we think; they adapt to a variety of situations easily; so long as they feel loved and cherished, they blossom. Parents should do what is best for their family rather than worry about what the Jones are doing.
  2. Going organic: Raising safe and healthy children is the number one goal of all parents and going organic is not just a trendy parenting style. All natural baby products are “in” too. A growing number of parents buy organic produce and organic baby food for their kids. Feeding, clothing and using little baby products full of toxic chemicals on your child is a great lifestyle choice.
  3. Futuristic baby names: Naming your baby this way is cool, smart, fun and exciting! Parents today want to give their babies unique names. The same old names are too boring for their new age baby. If a mommy cannot choose between two baby names, then picking a hybrid baby name is a good and creative option. Some of them sound really beautiful and have hardly been heard of. If the married couple is from two different cultures, then it makes even more sense to create a new name! For example, Annalore is a hybrid of Anna and Lauren. For boys, Kendrew is a hybrid of Kenneth and Andrew. Blending Hirak and Ayan gives Hiran (meaning gold). Both English and Indian baby names are moving with the times, appropriate for future generations. What hybrid baby names can you come up with?
  4. Retro toys: The more natural your child’s toys and games are the better they turn out when they grow older. Old fashioned games are trending. Classics like building blocks, Play-Doh, chemistry sets, nurse/ doctor play sets, paints and balancing sticks are classics for a reason. Better hand-eye-brain coordination speeds up development.
  5. Less spanking: This disciplinary parenting style has not been ruled out completely by some parents. Punishment that works for one child may totally fail with adverse effects for another, even in siblings. Whether you take away your child’s privileges, like T.V. time or play time, or ground them in their room for a month if they are really bad.
  6. Super confident moms: Modern day mums and dads feel very confident about the way they are raising their kids. And this is very healthy for the kids too. Children feel more secure and happy when the parents are.
  7. Gender neutrality: The focus is shifting toward buying more gender neutral baby items. Traditionally, it has been blue for boys and pink for girls, right? Not anymore! Neutral shades of grey, ivory, yellow and even black are becoming more common choices for painting nurseries, with monochromatic and edgier metallic accents thrown in.

There is no perfect parenting style or technique because every child and every family are unique and different from others. The environment that kids grow up in and are exposed to varies. What is important is that your child is nurtured and safe, And grows up healthy and strong. And feels the positive energy from your care and affections.

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