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WhatsApp Selling Tips For Your Zotezo Store

by Zotezo
January 18, 2019

Indians love texting! Did you know?

India is the WhatsApp world leader.

WhatsApp has been voted as one of the best online platforms to grow a business - FAST!

There are 1.5 Billion WhatsApp users worldwide and India accounted for approximately 300 million of them last year! The messaging platform is popular with all age groups. Plus, there is a clear trend among 18 to 34-year old Indian men and boys.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion in 2014. This move was perfect timing because the messaging app shows no signs of slowing down. Today, it is the most popular messaging service in the world with an unbelievable 65 billion messages sent every day from the app!

Take a look at some recent WhatsApp usage stats:


Chart showing the number of monthly active users in India (Data Source:


What’s in Store for WhatsApp?

The future looks bright!

India’s WhatsApp user base is expected to continue to grow by 115% in the next 5 years. The Indian market is bursting with opportunities for businesses. Today, India is one of the best digital landscapes in the world, especially for social commerce.


Now, you too can take part in WhatsApp's success!

All you have to do is create your free e-store, and follow our step-by-step guide to help you make your first WhatsApp sale.

Step 1: Create a WhatsApp Group

  1. Download WhatsApp business app
  2. Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone.
  3. Go to the 3 dots on the top right and choose “New group” to create a new group.
  4. Name your group, preferably the same name as your online store.
  5. Display a profile picture such as your brand icon or Facebook page profile image.


Step 2: Add Participants and Invite People to your Group

  1. Click on ‘Add participants’ to add people you know will be interested in buying.
  2. Add more members instead of random numbers using ‘Invite via link’ just below.
  3. Select the option: ‘Send link via WhatsApp’


Step 3: Update WhatsApp Status

You can upload your popular catalogues or bestsellers on the status of WhatsApp using photos. This is another way of sharing products/services, but interaction is always better. Ask your friends to post your products/services on their WhatsApp status as well. This way you can reach out to their circle of friends.


Step 4: Promote the Bestseller Catalogue

Pick your most popular items and catalogues. Here are some trending categories from your Zotezo store you can promote:

  1. Health Devices
  2. Vitamins & more
  3. Healthy Food Items
  4. Subscription Boxes
  5. Beauty Products
  6. Home and Kitchen Items
  7. Maternity Clothes & Baby Care
  8. Fitness Accessories & Sports Gadgets


Step 5: Sharing is caring!

  1. Share product descriptions. But keep it short and sweet
  2. Give exclusive offers. Start-ups often build customer loyalty this way.
  3. Give referral bonuses to grow your customer base.
  4. Share testimonials of happy customers.


Step 6: How to Post Content

How you communicate with your audience is important!

  1. Storytelling: The aim is to add a personal touch to selling.
  2. Bait & flip: Agree with them (to win trust) and then say something else to throw them off.
  3. Flatter them a bit: Flattery gets you everywhere these days!
  4. Ask, Listen and reply: A simple yet effective technique to know exactly what items to pitch to the customer instead of sending them your entire catalogue.


Step 7: Keep your Customers Updated

It builds trust!

Update them on new collections and sales to make them feel involved:


Step 8: Get Personal!

Meet some of your good customers for coffee once a month.


Step 9: Say Thanks!

Show you care with small gestures. They go a long way!

Promote your store by giving a small thank you after the first purchase. Give away a gift or cash back or a bonus of Rs. 100.


Go and sell your first order on WhatsApp!

whatsapp selling tips for zotezo partners


What about the new WhatsApp Business App?

WhatsApp Business App was rolled out in India over a year ago, yet many people are not aware of it. You can easily download the app from Play Store or App Store. WhatsApp Business was created keeping individual sellers and store owners in mind. But you do not have to use it to sell products. Use either your existing WhatsApp Messenger or create a new WhatsApp Business Account.



Pros & Cons of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp in-app tools are easy to use. There are advantages, but also some disadvantages. Here's a snapshot of the benefits and limitations when you sell products on WhatsApp Business:

whatsapp business pros cons table

You can interact with customers to migrate chat history from WhatsApp Messenger to the Business Account (but not the reverse). You can also quickly respond to messages, sort using labels, view messaging stats, and send automated messages. Plus, WhatsApp has partnered with ICICI bank for providing UPI Payments in India. Add your bank account details by tapping New Bank Account. WhatsApp then asks you to accept its Terms and Conditions. But there are some payment restrictions, and you need a separate mobile number.

We hope this guide helps you promote your Zotezo store of products and grow your audience online. Feel free to give us your feedback. We are always eager to learn from your experience.

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