Why You Need An Air Purifier For Home Use

An air purifier in your home  significantly reduces fine dust, pollen, pet hair and even particulate matter, smoke and chemicals from the air.

Indians can finally breathe safely at home!

No need to run to escape out of the city. You and your family can enjoy pure air in your lungs by simply installing a good quality air purifier in India. From hi-tech/smart air purifiers for the home that detect pathogens, allergens and minute particles, to affordable small air purifiers, we have it all.

Humans take about 20,000 breaths a day, rarely paying attention to what is in the air, and this also applies to indoor air. The key factors that affect the indoor air quality are temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, chemicals, and dust. For the past hundred years, burning fossil fuels resulted in massive environmental pollution and global warming we see today. Burning coal in Indian villages has a similar effect on a smaller scale.


Fine Particulate Air Pollution

Even if your home is air-conditioned, there will be fine dust particulates that are very harmful to your respiratory system. Air quality is the worst in developing countries like India and China because of the extent of dust that comes indoors through doors, windows and shoes. The reason for smog-filled Chinese cities is particulate air pollution. Warm climates like India and African countries have it even worse as summertime brings more allergens, bacteria, mould and viruses. Air pollutants like CO, SO2, volatile organic compounds and particulate matter are highly toxic to the bloodstream, neural and respiratory system.

Still, many people have doubts about air purifiers. You may be wondering:

“If I install a new air conditioner, then do I still need an air purifier. Is it worth it”?

Well, let us look at what happens when we do NOT use anything. When we breath “fresh air” by opening a window in an Indian city, it can lead to minor, acute and even chronic health concerns. When you improve the air quality in your home you breathe, you sleep better and any breathing conditions.

Here are five common health reasons why you should install a high-quality air purifier for home.


Health Effects of Air Pollution

  1. Breathing difficulty: Minor throat irritation and upper respiratory problems are commonly caused by air pollution.
  2. Family health: Air pollution affects the growth of children adversely and as well as make the elderly easily sick. Protect the health of your family by installing good air purifier brands in India with HEPA filter (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) technology by Philips, Kent and Magneto available at Zotezo.com.
  3. Passive smoking: If you or your guests smoke indoors, it affects passive smokers like your wife and children bringing on throat irritation, bronchitis and severe asthma.
  4. Chronic health effects: Bad air pollution can cause long-term health effects, from chronic lung diseases, lung cancer and heart problems to liver, kidney and brain damage!
  5. Control allergies: Breath easier, sleep better and prevent allergies from pollen by installing an air purifier.

Have a Breath of Fresh Air!

You may have asked, “Which air purifer is best for me”?

Choosing the right air purifier for your home depends on the area you have to cover and the type of pollutants. Make sure to use the right purifier to fit your room size. It is a good idea to use an air quality monitor initially to track the toxins and particulates floating in your home. This way you will know what to look for before buying an air purifier for your home.

Some air purifiers are lauded for having HEPA technology. For example:

  1. Philips AC4072 47-Watt Air Purifier and
  2. Magneto MAP-13 Hybrid Air Purifier.

The above are effective even against formaldehyde, benzene, sulphur dioxide and odours.

Purifiers also come in different sizes and filter different particle sizes. For example:

  1. Philips AC4014/10 Portable Floor Console Air Purifier uses smart sensors to detect and filter particulates greater than 0.02 microns.
  2. Kent Aura Portable Compact Air Purifier is very useful because it removes 99.97% of particles via a 4-stage purification process.

Plus, not all air purifiers burn a hole in your pocket!

If you are on a low budget, try using a non-electric air purifier for small spaces like your bedroom:

Dr. Charcoal is a reputed brand and you can get them from Zotezo.

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