Women’s Health: Easy Yoga Poses For Busy Women

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Too busy to workout at the gym? Whether you’re a woman with a real life, an athlete recovering from injury or a stressed-out mother of two, you can do these easy yoga poses at home – for a healthy body and mind. All you need is a yoga mat and to find small chunks of free time – just 10 to 30 minutes daily. Relax your mind, tone, flex and strengthen your body from the comfort of your home.

Try to stay in these easy yoga poses for five deep breaths for best results.

Yoga for Clear Mind and Energetic Body 

  • Big Toe Pose: This standing yoga pose helps unclog your brain, declutter and calm your mind, and relieve stress from your body. The Big Toe pose is a simple way to unwind and slow down an active brain, thereby reducing anxiety. You will also get flexible and stronger thighs by gently lengthening tight hamstrings and calf muscles. This pose also improves digestion and relieves women of menopause symptoms.

Easy Yoga Poses for Toned Arms and Abs 

  • Upward Facing Dog: This yoga exercise gives great results if you want stronger arms, abdominal muscles, chest lungs, shoulders, improve posture and more energy, all at the same time.
  • Side Plank Pose: Beginners find it useful to get into this position with soles of the feet pressed against a wall. The side plant strengthens the arms, belly, wrists and legs while improving balance.

Easy Yoga Poses for Overall Strength and Flexibility 

  • Bridge Pose: Lift your buttocks till your feet and thighs are nearly parallel to the floor, keeping your knees directly over the heels. This yoga pose is one of the most versatile backbends. It benefits the overall strength and flexibility of the body.
  • Extended Puppy Pose: Simply move your buttocks toward your heels, keeping your arms outstretched over the head on the ground. Avoid touching the ground with your elbows. This yoga pose will calm your mind while lengthening your spine.

Easy Yoga Poses for Tight Glutes

  • Diver’s Pose: Standing on the balls of your feet, bend forward from your waist, keeping your arms on either side of your torso, as if you were to take a dive into a pool.
  • Elevated Wide Squat: With toes out and sunken hips, bend your knees until they are directly over your ankles. Then on the balls of your feet, stretch your arms upward.
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