Women’s Health: Why Checkups Are Important In Your Thirties

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Women’s health issues are generally more complex than men’s. Being a female in your 30s can also be somewhat confusing. You???re not so young and far from being old. And you???re sandwiched between the two more discussed and exciting decades. The 20s are about taking risks. The 40s are about independence and self-empowerment. The 30s are a bridge between being broke in your twenties to the fabulous forties and fifties. Women’s health challenges are different as we pass from one decade to the next – here’s a look at my story.


My twenties and thirties

I remember when I was in my twenties. It was the best decade of my life ??? a time when I updated my blog regularly and socialised more with friends. I read self-help books, watched great movies, and looked at life as more than just college and a career. Career and family life aspirations existed, but the pressures were far fewer.

My thirties were a quest for balance and re-discovery. It was a chaotic, stressful and exhausting time, busy as hell and a mundane existence. I had to be kick ass at work, have a healthy dinner ready at home by evening, connect with my partner, not neglect the relatives and kids, and still chalk out a little ???me time??? to read, unwind, do yoga, or take a relaxing bath. I was deflated and frustrated for not ???having it all???. It really doesn???t matter whether you work from home, part-time, or are the head of the house because you???re always mentally and physically tired. Sometimes I wonder whether other 30-something women feel the same way?


Are you a woman in your thirties?

Ideally, the essence of a woman in her 30s should be about self-awareness. It is when we are mature enough to understand what we want in life. It is a time when I completed my wish list for spiritual, emotional and material needs. Getting there was another matter! I am not saying that we need to climb Mount Everest, but if you get exhausted after climbing a couple of extra flights of stairs, and always look for a lift first, then it is a warning sign. You should start asking yourself: ???Is something wrong with my body???? From experience, I think it is wise to pay close attention to women’s health, wellness and fitness before a big medical concern strikes, especially after age 30.


When was your last health checkup?

I just turned 30 when I got my first big break. I remember how hard I had to work to get that corner office. Getting engaged, getting married, renting a nice place in a good neighbourhood and finally buying my first new car and home ??? did all that in my early thirties. Life-changing decisions like marriage (or divorced), raising children (or having them at all), dealing with a parent???s illness, making mortgage and car payments are just a few examples of why this decade is all about responsibility, settling down and solidifying your life. There was no time to think about the changes going on in my body. Naturally, health took a back seat. You forget about health checkups before 5 years.

However, it???s even more vital to monitor your health when you are in your thirties. If you???re anything like me, you may love convenient microwavable dinners, fast food and desserts, but be warned! It is decades of eating the wrong foods, drinking alcohol, too much caffeine, and smoking that leads to hypertension and type 2 diabetes.


Do you smoke, eat unhealthily and avoid exercise?

In your twenties, you live life in the fast lane and can afford to do all the wrong things. But after 30, your metabolism slows down. Women’s health experts recommend one hour in the gym 3 or 4 times a week, including cardio as well as resistance training. Looking back, now that I am much older, I can only wish I could pay more attention to my fitness and diet. You may not be able to turn the clock back, but you can slow it down with lifestyle changes like eating right and exercising regularly.

What???s more, after thirty, women’s health should focus on the amount of calcium, folic acid and iron to keep bones strong and the immunity high. Meat and beans iron-rich, while low-fat milk and yoghurt will help you to meet your calcium needs. Indian women are also frequently deficient in Vitamin D ??? the sunshine vitamin. Spend some time outdoors, every day. Add a fortified cereal and fruits to your breakfast, if you don???t have time for meals during the day. Consider taking health and nutritional supplements online, if your diet has insufficient nutrients. Monitor your health with regular check-ups and keep health monitoring devices at home if required.


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