Workout Classes Perfect For Women Over 40

Think it is easy to start new workout classes post 40?

Think again!

Just hitting the gym is in itself a huge challenge, both mentally and physically. With age, bones and muscles take longer to recover post-workout. You end up becoming de-motivated and have a lower self-confidence than you had even a couple of years ago.


How to start getting fit after 40?

After middle age, the same sports, fitness & diet routine that you have been following religiously for decades seem to show little or no progress. Your metabolism slows down drastically once you hit your forties and fifties, especially if you are a woman who is peri-menopausal. Added to the hormonal changes, your muscles feel weak and cannot handle long workouts, heavy lifting and even the simple fitness equipment anymore.

So do you give up exercising?

Certainly not!

You shift gears and make a new over 40 workout plan that suits your age and sex.


Here are 6 workout classes that are gaining popularity among older women:


Vinyasa Yoga

Dieticians and fitness freaks in the east and west all seem to think yoga is a must-try for over 40s. Yoga stretches muscles you never knew you had! It cures decades of desk slouching while keeping the lean muscle as you age.

And let’s not forget the mental health perks of yoga:

Your mind calms down and lowers stress levels which seems to increase as we age. This is why women over 45 can stave off high blood pressure, low immunity to depression and even dementia by attending weekly Vinyasa flow classes. What’s special about this yoga movement is breathing to flow from one pose to the next: Jivamukti, Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Baptiste Yoga, and Prana Flow.


Bollywood Dance

Although its origins are in Indian cinema, it has taken the rest of the world by storm. Millions of people everywhere enjoy watching Bollywood movies (musicals) and are inspired by the music and dance in them. Essentially, Bollywood dance classes are a combination of Bhangra, a Punjabi folk dance, and several classical Indian dance forms. Recently, Bollywood workout classes have incorporated elements of street, hip-hop, and jazz.



Barre fitness classes are simply ballet-inspired. Classic ballet is different.  Barre uses a mix of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training, and the moves are lightweight designed to preserve metabolism-fuelling muscle mass. But they feel fun because they are choreographed to motivating music. Barre has low-impact or no-impact postures that improve balance and flexibility, both important in warding off injury and pain. Barre classes typically end with flexibility training, which is a must-have for maintaining mobility. Plus they include core exercises which help flatten the stomach while fighting off body aches and pains.



Zumba Toning is a dance-based strength class that might appeal to those who like to jive and get a good workout too. Zumba classes take your mind off the fact that you are exercising.

Know the best part?

No sets, no reps, and the instructor gives you easy-to-follow choreography. So you have the freedom to fully “get in the zone” and forget your worries. You also get strength training exercises that target your thighs, arms, and stomach muscles, all of which look like they are drooping from gravity! The weight lifting also reduces and prevents the onset of arthritis.



Spinning is a type of cardio interval training that combines high and low resistance with varying speeds. Spin classes are the perfect workout for older women who want the full-body workout of a run, without the joint stress. Not only is it good for your heart, but spinning burns more calories quickly. This is why fitness experts in America think spinning is a must for women over 40 trying to lose weight and tone muscle fast. Spin classes have both beginners and advanced people in the same class. The bikes have adjustable resistance levels so that when it gets too much, you can pull back on the resistance.



Pilates classes are a great way to speed up recovery after an injury, and to reduce body aches and pains. It strengthens muscles using your body weight, so it is a surefire way to prevent further pain and injury. Women who suffer from lower back pain should give pilates a try. It strengthens weak muscles throughout your body, improving suppleness and balance.


Take home message

Wellness experts advise that no matter what your age, moderate exercise is a must-have ingredient for healthy ageing. Whatever workout classes you choose to join, try to be regular to gain the many health benefits. This will help reverse the progression of chronic health conditions associated with obesity and depression while promoting mental and physical wellness.

Perhaps, age is NOT just a number.

Nobody no one can prevent getting older, but everyone can attempt to age healthily and live better, longer. Check out a few good workout classes for older adults near you, and explore from the thousands of health, beauty fitness products from

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