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YouTube Video Marketing Tips To Promote Your Zotezo Store

by Zotezo
January 16, 2019

Now that you own online store, get set to become a YouTuber to make it rock! Besides the regular social networks, video marketing, especially YouTube marketing was hot and happening in 2018. The stats speak for themselves. YouTube is second only to Facebook, but not by much.

Why Use YouTube?

In July 2018, the YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki announced on her channel that over 1.9 billion users are logging in every month. Plus, users are watching over 180 million hours of YouTube on TV screens every day, on average.

Marketers today cannot ignore YouTube. Here's a look at why:

increase ecommerce traffic youtube

This article is to guide Zotezo partners who wish to promote their store on YouTube. It is a part of our Social Commerce series which aims to help users create and promote a new online store. In fact, pretty much anyone can open an online store, add products, share and earn.

Be your own boss! Become a wellness ambassador on Youtube.

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It's that easy!

Once your brand new Zotezo online store is created, you can share it on the main social media channels, including Google-owned YouTube. Join other popular YouTubers in the world of video blogging (vlogging) and product reviews.

10-step YouTube starter-guide and e-commerce tips to promote your Zotezo e-store.

Step 1: Create a YouTube Channel

You can use existing Gmail login details to create your free YouTube channel. In fact, you can use another email id that you use more often to create a channel. Just make sure the email is a Google account, first.

From the About tab, add your description, email, location, and links to your social media channels, e-store, website or blog.


Step 2: Plan your Content

YouTube content is very different from other social media. This is why it is easier to promote with one type of content. Try to determine what works best for your business.

Check out our list of content formats and examples to promote on your YouTube channel:

  1. Talking Head, eg. Interviews and Testimonials.
  2. Product Review & Comparison, eg. Unboxing.
  3. Tutorial and How To, eg. Screenshare (filming your computer screen).
  4. Explainer (pictures speak louder than words) eg. Animations.
  5. Vlogs (video blog), eg. Cooking Healthy Food & Recipes.

Alternatively, you can promote multiple product categories by creating multiple YouTube channels in the same profile.

For Example: If you are a health fan who likes healthy and clean eating, you can focus on the organic, gluten-free and sugar-free food category in your store. Then create a healthy recipe video using a few of these foods as ingredients.

Then promote the link at the end of your video! Also, add your store’s URL in your About-Links section, along with your social media pages.


Step 3: Shoot & Upload your First Video

Here are some quick tips on creating a YouTube video:

  1. Write down everything you are going to say beforehand. Always!
  2. Edit your written content repeatedly and keep it short and sweet.
  3. Memorize the main points.
  4. Then say it. Speak confidently but remain natural, looking straight at the camera.
  5. Prop up a smartphone on a stand or a stack of books and hit the record button.
  6. Make sure your background is neat and clean.
  7. Download video editing software to assemble your clips. Or try to do it all in one take.
  8. Export the final edited file using built-in YouTube settings in your editing software.


Step 4: Create a Catchy Video Title

Great video titles go a long way! Just a short videos work better, so do short and to the point titles. Use catchy words, keywords and power words

For Example: The title 'Best Fitness Products in 2019' is a good headline because it is current (even mentioning the year), and it is relevant to your business or store or brand. This means you can embed the YouTube video as a backlink to your blog page and website.

For Example: If your eStore is about Fitness & Diet, you can create a general video at first. Make it attractive by using demos, graphics, your voice or some background music. Then go on to create other videos in the series. Here are some fitness & diet video examples:

  1. How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally.
  2. The Benefits of Losing Belly Fat.
  3. The Only Fitness Equipment You Need To Lose Belly Fat.
  4. The Best Foods For Losing Belly Fat.

Remember: Give the name of your brand, store, and product at the start and end of each video to help viewers remember you easily.


Step 5: Create a Playlist

YouTube playlists simply work!

Once you have created and uploaded your video blog or product review video, you need to add it to an existing playlist. Check out the titles of the other videos already in the list – most of them should directly connect with your title, content and your store products.

For Example: There are many fitness playlists to choose from, so take some time to pick what is relevant to the items in your fitness store. If you cannot find a suitable one, create a new playlist.

Fitness Playlists on YouTube

There are many fitness playlists to choose from on Youtube.


Step 6: Share your Video

Once your YouTube channel and first video are ready, you can share it on your various social channels. Focus on these 3 networks, especially if your audience is in India. but, don't ignore Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and MailChimp newsletters. If necessary, use a social media tool like Buffer or HooteSuite to schedule and automate your shares.

You may be good at promoting your website or blog, but marketing video is a whole different thing. Here's how you can drive engagement with videos:

  1. Pin your video to the top of your Facebook page and Twitter feed.
  2. Share your video in communities, like LinkedIn, Facebook and WhatsApp groups, Twitter chats and Facebook Messenger.
  3. Add a video thumbnail into your email or newletters.
  4. Ask your audience to share your video.
  5. Giveaway offers on Facebook and Instagram campaigns using the click and bait method.
  6. Another simple trick is to smack your smiling face on your video’s thumbnail.


Step 7: Start a Blog

Relying only on a video channel is not always enough. Ask any regular blogger. If you are one of the many full-time YouTubers who has not yet used the art of writing, you are missing out on driving more visitors to your shop.

For Example: Start video reviewing your eStore products. Speak convincingly using a personal touch. You must touch and feel and use the product on your video – mere images are not that effective.

Then repeat the product review via text, listing the pros and cons in the article.

What else can you do to make a blog article attractive?

Your content should be shareable! Mix it up to make reading easier and more interesting. Use a combination of a slider, images, infographics, tables, charts, and embed videos.

Simply embed your relevant videos to an article or text you have published on Wordpress, BlogSpot, Drupal, Medium or another free/paid editor. Use plugins like Yoast SEO and YouTube Viral Subscribe to get higher Google rankings. You can also buy a domain (use a hosting service like GoDaddy, SiteGround or HostGator) in your name or your blog’s name and redirect it to your YouTube channel.


Step 8: Interview Influencers

YouTube is all about influencer reach!

Although Amazon and Shopify have made their Affiliate Programs popular and user-friendly, they cannot reach as many people as YouTube. Reach is the number of followers, subscribers and website visitors that each influencer has.

Most YouTube creators are individuals looking for some extra income. If you are on a small budget, influencer marketing on YouTube is your best bet. Once your video gets a decent number of shares or goes viral there are no restraints on the 1.9 million monthly users who view it.

Just make sure that your influencers are relevant to your field. Identify them and contact one by one. They can be:

Popular Vloggers, Social Media Experts, Partners, Affiliates, or Celebrities.

Talk with influencers in your niche to gain direct access to the buyers who are already active on YouTube. Not only will followers of the influencer notice you but the industry as a whole will take regard. You can connect with similar influencers using Skype and WhatsApp calling.


Step 9: Use Calls to Action

While Facebook and Pinterest have Shop and Buyable Pin buttons, YouTube still needs help in steering viewers to your shop or website. Even there are many social share buttons below the video, you will be amazed at how many people still need to be told what to click after they land on a social media page.

So, just ask for it!

Request your viewers to like, share or subscribe to your YouTube channel at the end of the video.

youtube subscribe button

Step 10: Keep Learning

Creator Academy is YouTube’s built-in learning centre. Stay updated and learn how to use the new promotion and analytics tools. Spend some time here once a month to learn about the existing and emerging tips and tricks on YouTube.

For Example: Take an easy course on how to set earnings and advertise on YouTube, or learn how to build a business on YouTube.

We hope this helps you grow your audience on your new YouTube channel and promote your curated Zotezo products. Feel free to give us your feedback. We are always eager to learn from your experience.

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