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Shilpa Shetty Yoga Tips For A Flat Stomach

Shilpa Shetty is considered to be one hot mamma, even by other celebs! Here are nine useful Shilpa Shetty yoga tips for all you pregnant moms out there who ...

9 Health Benefits Of Magical Moringa

We already know eating greens daily is good for health, so why should herbal powders be any different? There is a new superfood that is becoming a buzzword, ...

Pump Up Your Fitness With These Whey Protein Supplements

Many people have heard of whey proteins, but few know what they are and why gym goers consume them and why trainers recommend whey protein supplements. If you ...

How To Lose Five Pounds Easily

Can't manage to lose the last couple of kilos? There's no need to kill yourself at the gym or starve. Find out how to lose five pounds, naturally. Ever ...

Fitness Trackers: Are 10,000 Steps a Day Necessary?

Do you realise we are living in the Fitbit age? If you are not wearing a wearable device, you are seriously taking the risk of being considered 'unfit'. Yes, ...

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