Apollo Sugar Smart Glucometer, With 50 Gold Plated Strips

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There is no specific definition needed for the brand Apollo as it has secured its place quite genuinely in the medical industry with its decent products for over many years now. Despite having a reliable reputation, Apollo Sugar Smart Glucometer only managed to grab only the 7th spot on the list of best glucometer in India. The reason being several complaints from users, stating the device to be best for expert or professional use but not so appropriate for use at home.

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Apollo Sugar Glucome Glucometer with 50 test strips is an affordable diabetes care solution with unique offerings. Apollo Sugar Glucome Glucometer is a state of the art smart digital glucometer that sends blood sugar readings directly to the doctors and family members as soon as one measures them, in real time.

It meets the ISO15179:2013 accuracy standard. Apollo Sugar Glucome glucometer in conjunction with Apollo Sugar app streamlines diabetes care by aligning patients, caregivers, and medical professionals on a single platform.

  • Accurate, Wireless, Connected glucometer with 50 Gold Plated strips
  • No internet is required nor any mobile accessories is required for measuring the readings
  • Immediate data transfer on sugar levels to doctors and Assigned Health Coach
  • Diabetes experts who constantly watch your sugar levels
  • Video consultations with diabetes educators for insulin and medication – 1 nos
  • Video consultations with dietician for Customised Diet plan – 1 nos
  • Diabetes Support Services for a period of 6 months
  • Flawless measurement accuracy
  • Meets the ISO15179:2013 accuracy standard
  • Can be used in various environments like hotels, outdoors, office, train, car etc
  • Diabetes Reciepe Book

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