Braun Digital Thermometer IRT-3020

Fever is something that is commonly seen in babies and small children. And because of which it is important to take accurate temperature readings. You can use this Braun infrared thermometer to take accurate readings each time. Fast Reading This ThermoScan ear thermometer can read accurate…

The Braun ThermoScan Compact IRT3020 Infrared Ear Thermometer is suitable for the whole family- from newborns to adults. It has been carefully developed to produce accurate, safe and fast temperature measurements in the ear. The shape of the thermometer probe prevents is from being inserted too far in the ear canal which can hurt the eardrum, and the fast 1 second measurement means minimum discomfort. The ear is regarded as the most reliable place to get a consistent reading of the humans core body temperature. You should measure your child’s temperature regularly to understand their normal reading, so you can recognise signs of fever early.

How do Braun Ear Thermometers Work?

1. Eardrum emits infrared radiation.

2. Infrared radiation passes through the lens filter.

3. Depending on the specifications (material, thickness, production process etc.) the lens filter lets pass a reduced amount of infrared radiation.

4. The sensor of the device receives a reduced amount of infrared radiation.

5. With a complex algorithm specially adjusted on the specifications of Braun lens filters the ThermoScan ear thermometer converts the infrared radiation into a temperature being shown on the display. An infrared ear thermometer and the lens filter always work as a system. To get an accurate reading it is mandatory to align specifications of device and lens filter.

Salient features:

  • The thermometer brand most used by pediatricians due to its professional accuracy
  • Professional accuracy with 1 second temprature reading ending with a beep
  • Memory recalls last reading
  • Fast, gentle and convinient with ergonomic compact design
  • Requires 1 AAA battery and has a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase

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Pack Size 1Pc
colour White
HSN Code 90251910
Warranty Period 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
auto_shut_off 1
brand_origin Germany
product_type_tm Axillary, Oral


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