Deemark 5 In 1 Twister Slimmer With Tummy Trimmer Double Spring Combo

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In today’s fast-paced and polluted world, it’s harder than ever to look after our skin. Each day our faces are assailed by harsh pollutants and we don’t give them enough fresh air and sunlight. Deemark Face Lifter Roller Massager is a great product which is easy to use and can be added to your…


Deemark 5 In 1 Twister Slimmer With Tummy Trimmer Double Spring Combo

Description of Deemark 5 in 1 Twister Slimmer :

The unique Twister mat designed for you to reduce the body weight and as well as keep yourself healthy .With help of twister you can shed away excess weight of your body, tighten the muscles. By using for few minutes in a day, it reduces your weight to regain and maintain your figure.

  • Twisting platform has magnet embedded to provide magnetic waves in to the users body for therapeutic purpose
  • Two layer construction for more durability
  • Helps to reduce waist size with twisting action
  • Magnetic field improves circulation
  • For both Men and Women
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness, portable and easy to store
  • Reduces weight
  • Magnetic therapy, Magnets used at right places
  • Use Twister for few minutes daily in the morning and evening to reduce weight healthy way
  • Shapes up the body
  • Tones up and strengthens muscles
  • Power Mat : walking on this mat you can, not only keep away from disease but also improves the blood circulation. The other side to the twister can be used as acupressure mat .The mat keeps your body fit. By improving blood circulation system, improve memory power, get rid of tension and pain. it brings back life to your tired feet and creates energy.
  • Pyramid Mat
  • Magnetic Therapy
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Relieves pain
  • Trims figure

Twister is one such product, which is a complete health solutions in its self. It combines the appropriate moves defined by the masters and health specialists. These few minutes of perfect body exercise, along with age old recommended acupressure on the right points makes it worth your trust Work out your body in an effortless manner without sweating profusely or exerting yourself too much with this Twister Stepper and get well toned thighs, hips and waist. Two Layered Construction Constructed in a two-layered design, this stepper gets increased strength and durability so that you can work out without worrying about breakage. Magnet Embedded Twisting Platform The twisting platform of this fitness equipment is embedded with magnet to provide magnetic waves into the user’s body for therapeutic purpose. Beneficial for Stomach Muscles Working out on this twister stepper will help you burn calories and prevent your stomach muscles from sagging and bulging by keeping them firm and trim. Increases Muscle Tone in Abdomen Muscles Place your feet on the twister according to the footprint markings provided on it and start twisting your upper body to strengthen and tone your abdomen muscles.

Description of Deemark Tummy Trimmer Double Spring :

The Deemark Tummy Trimmer is a fitness accessory that offers all-round performance to help you tone your arms as well as your lower body. The sturdy tummy trimmer is made of durable material and features heavy duty double springs which help you stretch your arms and legs. Stretching also helps you lose the excess flab and tones your stomach muscles to give you the perfect lean look. This is one of the best tummy trimmer accessories that helps strengthen your arms legs thighs hips and tummy and doesn’t just focus on one body part. Comfortable to Use This Deemark tummy trainer has been fitted with a comfortable handle with rubber coating to offer a firm grip. A pair of comfortable pedals is provided for your feet and a band helps keep them in place when you exercise. Simply place it on the floor hold the handles and use it like a rowing machine. The Deemark tummy trimmer accessories are great for losing some extra pounds without hitting the gym.

Heavy duty double springs – Pedals with bands – Rubber-coated handles – Effective for trimming and toning tummy arms legs hips and thighs Features Contoured food pedals Steel coil pull-up bar Portable & light weight-use it anywhere Flattens tummy in just minutes a day Firms chest and arms Tightens hips and thighs Easy Exercises To Burn Off Calories & Tone Your Muscles

For Upper Tummy :

Sitting up, with legs straight, lean body backwards until completely laying back with head on floor, Return to sitting position. Start out slowly & work up to the repetitions you feel comfortable with

For Lower Tummy : Lie flat on floor, extend your legs straight up in the air. Keep your on the floor and raise and lower legs without bending them.

For Chest & Arms : Sitting erect with legs straight raise handle to tummy height using arms only.

For Hip & Thighs : Lie flat on floor and bend knees up to your chest. Making a circular motion push feel up and them found toward floor again.

How to Use :

You use it like a rowing machine. Sit on the floor. Put your feet into the feet pedals. Hold the handles. Lean back slightly and slowly pull the handles to your chest holding your upper body in position by tightening your stomach muscles. You may be able to lay back with your arms extended or may need to bring your arms into your chest some and your legs up in the air. Then slowly lower your legs while holding the handles at your chest or or extended, using your stomach muscles to resist lifting your back off the floor. Sort of a reverse leg lift.

Features :

  • Burn off excess fat and calories with the help of this fun, easy-to-use Tummy Trimmer at 60% off the published rate that too just by exercising few minutes a day
  • This trimmer not only tones muscles in the upper and lower abdominal region but also trims and strengthens the chest, arms, hips and thighs
  • Get a lean and feel sexier in almost no time with regular use
  • This truly is the best alternative for those rainy days when you can’t jog outdoors
  • Product and design as per stock availability

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Pack Size 1 Set
brand_origin India
breadth (in cm) 31
height (in cm) 7
length (in cm) 37


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