Fem Antidarkening Hair Removal Cream Gold – 50 gm

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Get glowing and radiant skin with Fem anti darkening hair removal cream. The hair removal cream is perfect solution to get rid of unwanted body hair. Gentle on the skin, it provides a healthy glow to the skin post use.

  • Combining the natural benefits of rose flower and jojoba oil, the Fem rose hair removal cream works gently on sensitive skin
  • The vitamin a and fatty acids protect the sensitive layer of the skin from irritation and make it healthy and radiant
  • Anti darkening effect with every use
  • Liquorice extracts prevents darkening
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

How To Use:

  • Apply a thick, even layer over the hair you want to remove. Use your fingers or a spatula, if provided.
  • Leave the cream on for the amount of time recommended in the directions.
  • Remove the cream with a damp washcloth or spatula if provided.
  • Rinse the area with warm water to make sure the cream has been removed entirely.

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