Gillette Vector Plus Manual Shaving Razor Blades (Cartridge) 6S Pack

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The user-friendly Gillette Vector Plus Cartridge with its super sleek neck ensures a smooth shave without the threat of nicks or cuts owing mainly to the twin-blade technology which is particularly shaped to produce a close shave and catch hold of every hidden spot. The twin blades target the hair twice at the same time, so get your shave done in half the time and reduce the likelihood of nicks, pulls and irritation!

Key Features :

  • The comfort lubricating strip enhanced with a dash of aloe and vitamin E ensures a more comfortable and nourishing shave.
  • Consider yourself safe with the adjustable pivoting technology.
  • Use the same shaving razor handle and simple continue to change the cartridge with this economical option!
  • The cartridge consists of 10 razors which can be used beyond a month!
  • Did you know these cartridges are actually allowed on carry- on baggage in flights!!
  • Rest of assured of a shiny shaved finish! Happy shaving.

How To Use: 

Fasten cartridge onto shaving razor.

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Ideal ForMen
Pack Size6 Cartridges
breadth (in cm)10
height (in cm)10
length (in cm)10
Number of Blades per Cartridges


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