Hindware Moonbow AP-A8400UIN 55-Watt Air Purifier

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Featuring ambient light function, Moonbow AP-A8400UIN Air Purifier has activated carbon and HEPA filter that give you clean to breathe. With a 99.98% fresh air efficiency, the purifier can filter even tiny particles.

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This technology eliminates up to 99.985 percent pollutants from air using multiple filters. First, the pre-filters get rid of big particles, such as human hair and visible dust, etc. Then, the true HEPA filter traps air-borne contaminants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. Followed by, an activated-carbon filter to remove odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Then at the fourth stage, a UV lamp eliminates microorganisms, such as bacteria, germs, viruses, and fungi. Finally, this appliance has refreshing energizers to create negative ions in the air inside your home to give you clean, fresh air.

  • Air Purifier Type – Room; Purification method – High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestant (HEPA) filter type
  • Coverage area: 400 sq. ft. / 37 sq. mtrs., suitable for bedroom / living room (medium)
  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 215 m3/hr; CADR indicates the volume of purified air (in cubic mtrs) which an air purifier produces every hour
  • Warranty: 1 year on product
  • Wattage: 55 watts
  • Includes: Air purifier with filters, Instruction manual and Warranty card

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The Washable Pre-filter captures large household dirt such as hair strands etc., increasing the lifespan of advanced purification filters.

True HEPA Filter

High grade True HEPA(HEPA 13) filter removes microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns in size such as fine dust, bacteria, pollen and smoke. It filters 8 times smaller particles than PM 2.5.

Activated Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon filter freshens the air by removing all kinds of odours, harmful gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) from your living space.

UV Lamp

UV Lamp eliminates mold spores, bacteria, viruses and pollens that may be circulating in your home.

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