Kent Tap Guard Water Purifier

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Applications :

This Tap Guard is best suitable for washbasins to brush teeth, gargle or splash face and eyes with germ-free and odour-free water. It is also an excellent choice for kitchen sinks to wash fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood with bacteria-free and cyst-free water.

Removes Bacteria :

This purifier is based on twin-purification technology of Granular Activated Carbon and Advanced Multi-Layered Hollow Fiber UF Membrane which removes most of the microscopic contaminants.

Easy to Use :

This water purifier comes with a see through window to check contamination build-up and figure out when it’s time to replace the filter cartridge.

Suitable for All Requirements :

Comes with an easy to use 3-mode water selection lever that provides a choice of Purified Water, Unfiltered Straight or Unfiltered Spray to suit everyone’s needs.

Highly Durable :

The twin-purification technology based filter cartridge has a long life of up to 1500 litres (approx. 6 months) and it also comes with a facility to backwash the cartridge to increase its life.


Filter Life
  • 1500 L
Filter Type
  • Granular Activated Carbon, Polysulfone Hollow Fiber UF Membrane
Membrane Type
  • Advanced Multi – layered hollow fiber UF membrane
Other Body Features
  • ABS Plastic Construction
Other Convenience Features
  • 3 Mode Water Level Selector
Other Features
  • 3 Modes (Purified Water, Advanced Multi – Layered Hollow Fiber UF Membrane, Twin-purification, Additional Info (ABS Engineering Plastic,High Grade Granular Activated Carbon, Best for Washbasin, Unfiltered Straight, Minimum Working Water Pressure – 70 kPa, Unfiltered Spray)

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Pack Size 1 Unit
Installations This Tap Guard fits on all types of taps in bathrooms and kitchens. Its versatile design and multiple adaptors allow installation on almost all types of taps & faucets
Model Name Tap Guard
Purification System Granular Activated Carbon, Polysulfone Hollow Fiber UF Membrane
Warranty Period 1 Year Warranty On Parts & Labor Only
Warranty Summary 1 year domestic manufacturer warranty
Waterflow Rate 2 L/Min
brand_origin India
operation_mode Non-Electrical
purifier_type UF/Gravity
storage_capacity 10 L & More


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