MCP Safety Oval Clinical Thermometer - 10 Pcs

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Thermometer, Clinical; Oval flat type; Cylindrical bulb; Range: 35-45oC & 95-108°F; Accuracy: ± 0.1C & ± 0.2°F

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A thermometer is one of the most essential items for your home. Get the MCP Safety Oval Clinical Thermometer which is is suitable for children and adults. This thermometer is handy and compact in size which makes it easy to use.

Salient features:

Oval flat type
Cylindrical bulb
Range: 35-45oC & 95-108

How To Use: 

1. Such thermometers have mercury inside. This is a substance which expands when heated and accurately measures the body temperature of who is using the thermometer. They are marked with numbers and in the middle have a thin line that will be responsible for marking the temperature value.
2. Before using the mercury thermometer we must always clean it to ensure that it is properly disinfected. For this you must use a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and wipe the thermometer bulb, i.e. the metal part which comes into contact with the body to measure the temperature.
3. Once clean we are ready to measure the temperature. Start by taking the thermometer from the opposite side of the bulb and shake it vigorously. This will help lower any residual mercury that may remain in the thermometer, thus ensuring that the indicated temperature is reliable.
4. Once you have decided on which area you will use the thermometer place it there and wait three minutes, time necessary for the mercury to rise and indicate the temperature. We recommend keeping time to avoid removing the thermometer before it is due.
5. After this time remove the thermometer and check the temperature to which reaches the centre line has risen, this will indicate body heat. When our temperature exceeds 37 degrees we are considered to have fever. If it exceeds 40 degrees you should see a doctor urgently.
6. Once you are done with using the mercury thermometer it is very important to shake down the substance, disinfect it with alcohol and store it safely. If you use the thermometer in the rectum it should only be used in this area from now on. You can purchase another thermometer for measuring the temperature under the tongue.
This type of thermometer can be used in three areas of the body
Under the tongue, recommended for adults and teenagers.
In the armpit.
In the rectal area, the area that offers greatest temperature accuracy. This is recommended in the case of infants or small children.

Other Details:

If your mercury breaks thermometer this is what you shouldn’t do
Vacuum the mercury, as the substance would go into the air.
Use a broom to clean up the mercury, as this would only break the mercury into smaller drops.
Pour it down the drain, as it is a highly polluting chemical substance.
Walk on it or touch it with a piece of clothing, as you could spread the mercury.
If your mercury breaks thermometer this is what you should do
Make sure everyone leaves the area where the thermometer has broken, even pets.
Put on latex gloves.
Clean all the small pieces of glass.
Use a cardboard to gather all the mercury beads.
Put the beads inside a bag and bring this bag to the local waste facility.

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