Sleek Pack-Facial Hair Remover Wax – 80gm

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Sleek wax pack is a tried and tested way to remove unwanted hair quickly, safely and efficiently from upper lip, chin and other facial area.

Sleek wax pack is made of natural ingredients of easy peel off grade a good quality depilatory wax should be pliable (elastic) and must not be brittle. It should come off in a single strip- not in broken pieces Sleek peels off easily with minimum felling. Enriched with Aloe Vera, it is very easy to use & adds a natural glow to your facial expressions.

Product Specifications :

  • Ideal For : Men/Women
  • Container Type : Jar
  • Application Area : Face
  • Organic Type : Standard

How To Use: 

1. Heat the katori at a low temperature until the wax melts to a honey like consistency. This would take about 2-3 minutes. You don’t need to melt the entire wax. Melt as per your requirement.

2. Remove the katori from the heat source and place it on a plate. Be careful while doing this, you don’t want to end up spilling hot wax on your hands or burning your hands as the katori is hot. Once you have placed the katori onto the plate, carry the plate to the bathroom/mirror where you intend to use it. This way you will not end up messing up your bathroom/kitchen floor.

3. Before applying it directly on to your face it is always safe to do a patch test on your hand or leg. This way you will be able to judge if the wax has attained the consistency that it can be spread easily in one go and also if the temperature is right to be applied on the face. If the wax starts to cool down, then heat it again.

4. Once the wax has attained the right consistency and temperature, it is now ready to be used on the face.

5. Make sure the area where you wish to apply on your face is clean and dry. Do not apply moisturizer. Hold the skin tight and apply the first thin coat of wax in the direction opposite to hair growth. Apply the next two coats in the direction of hair growth. In between each coat, wait for a 2-3 minutes for the wax to set. Do not apply next layer of wax until the previous layer has set.

6. Once applied let the wax to set and press firmly on the skin. As the wax is pliable (i.e. it can be peeled off), scratch the wax a little from one end to get a little grip. Hold the skin taut and pull back the wax against the direction of facial hair slowly.

Do not try to peel off wax until it has dried

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