Sofy Bodyfit Antibacterial Sanitary Napkin, XL – Pack of 7


Sofy Bodyfit Antibacteria Pads XL has a 3 way leakage control system which provides long lasting absorbency and maintains the shape of the napkin. So you can enjoy your fun and outgoing lifestyle even on heavy days.

Using a napkin for long hours leads to bacteria build up, so you worry about hygiene and unpleasant smell. SOFY Antibacteria has green sheet for 99.9%* bacteria protection which maintains hygiene and also has perfume tree fragrance for no worry about smell. With SOFY AntiBacteria, you can enjoy fresh & confident feeling even on period days.


  • Kills 99.9 percent bacteria
  • With long lasting absorbency
  • Shape maintenance system

How to use:

Number of items1
Pack SizePack of 7
Package Quantity1
bindingPersonal Care
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