Trichup Hair Spa Kit

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Items in the box: 1) Trichup Hair Fall Control Oil (200ml) 2) Trichup Hair Fall Control Shampoo (200ml) 3) Trichup Hair Serum (50ml) 4) Trichup Hair Powder (120g) Quick Overview of Trichup Hair Spa Kit:-1)Trichup hair spa kit designed for complete hair nourishment to your…

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Description of Trichup Healthy Long & Strong Oil :

Transform your hair into long, black and healthy lustrous hair with one of the best hair care product available in the market now, Trichup Healthy, Long & Strong oil.

Developed after years of research on ancient Ayurvedic hair care secrets using potent hair vitalizing herbs such as Bhringraj, Amalaki, Neem, Gunja and the ilk meticulously processed with Sesame and Coconut oil, Trichup’s Healthy, Long & Strong oil has been prepared without compromising on its quality and effectiveness as a premium hair care product that nourishes and strengthens hair to it’s lustrous glory.

Enriched with hair rejuvenating herbs, essential nutrients and nourishing oils, Trichup’s HLS oil effectively penetrates into the hair roots and strengthens them with nutrients like Vitamin A, E and friendly fatty acids to help in delaying greying of hair, apart from soothing and protecting the follicles.

Trichup’s widely renowned Healthy, Long & Strong Oil has been a favorite amongst the medical fraternity, hair care professionals and millions of customers alike for over two decades.

Why Trichup HLS Oil?

Renourishes hair by stimulating blood flow to the scalp and follicles
Strengthens hair from its roots giving it a natural bounce and luster
Helps in reducing hair fall by invigorating growth of fresh hair cuticles
Delays hair greying by stimulating the melanin content within the follicles

How to use :

Cleanse your hair with Trichup HLS Shampoo (Recommended).
Hair Dry with towel.
After a thorough drying, apply Trichup HLS Oil onto the scalp and massage gently using finger tips until it get absorbed into the scalp.
Keep overnight for best results.
Repeat at least twice a week.

Special Ingredients :

Best hair nourishing, rich in vitamin A & E, promotes natural hair growth.
Well known natural anti-microbial, helps prevents and cures scalp infection and dandruff.

Description of Trichup Healthy Long & Strong Herbal Shampoo :

Say hello to healthy, long & strong hair with Trichup’s top of the line herbal shampoo!

No more scalp dryness, hair breakage or damaged hair. Your days of spending thousands on chemical based products, that may be harmful and ultimately fail in curing your dry, broken and frizzy hair are now gone.

With amazing properties of natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Henna within Trichup’s herbal shampoo, your hair will be enriched with all the essential nutrients needed to soothe your dry scalp, nourishes the cuticles from top down, conditions the follicles completely and restores your hair’s natural moisture balance.

Trichup’s herbal shampoo is also extremely gentle on your hair thanks to it’s natural composition and with Aloe Vera (very rich in proteins) being the main ingredient, your hair will be strengthened beyond all your expectations.

Why Trichup Herbal Shampoo?

Thoroughly cleanses your scalp and hair gently
Enriches hair roots with essential nutrients and detoxifies them
Strengthens hair with proteins and vitamins
Significantly diminishes hair fall
Helps in maintaining hair’s natural moisture

How to use :

Wet hair and scalp thoroughly.
Apply a sufficient amount of Trichup Healthy, Long & Strong shampoo on scalp and hair strands
Lather it from the scalp to ends of the hair.
Massage the scalp using fingers
Leave for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly
Repeat if necessary

Special Ingredients :

Aloe Vera contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth.
Henna will leave your hair thick, silky and healthy.

Description of Trichup Silky Potion Hair Serum :

Keeps your hair smooth and strong the entire day with the natural silky potion from Trichup

The hair serum is renowned to do wonders and your hair roots would be stronger than ever, thanks to the Tea tree oil which is a main ingredient in the potion.

The other natural ingredients including Vitamin – E which helps to detangle hair and prevent split ends making it more manageable. And its unique moisturizing properties aid in keeping your hair healthy, silky and shiny all day, everyday.

Why Trichup Silky Potion?

Gives your hair a dash of shine and silkyness
Conditions the follicle from root to tip
Revitalizes dry and damaged hair
Replenishes the natural moisture content of the hair

How to use :

Use after showering on towel dried hair.
Take Trichup serum on your palms and rub on the roots.
Spread evenly through mid-lengths and ends. Don’t rinse. Style as usual.

Special Ingredients :

Tea tree oil help prevent hair breakage even help to provide moisture to the hair follicle.
Repairs Split ends and other damages caused.

Description of Trichup Herbal Hair Powder :

A one of its kind, avant grade herbal hair care solution, Trichup Herbal Hair Powder has been a best seller and a favorite amongst all our loyal customers.

With a powerful combination of nutrient filled ayurvedic herbs, Trichup’s hair powder is very effective in reinforcing the hair follicles, energizing the roots and restoring your hair natural health and silky luster.

Why Trichup Herbal Hair Powder?

All in one hair powder for treating hair fall, dandruff and other hair related problems.
Replenishes the roots, strengthens the follicles and reinforces the shaft for healthy and beautiful hair
Ideal for all hair types

How to use :

Take Trichup Herbal Hair powder, measured according to the length of your hair.(Hair Powder In Bowel)
Make a paste (with diluted lemon juice for oily hair and with curd for dry hair).
Apply it completely on your hair making small partitions between
Leave it for 30 minutes
Rinse hair properly with water and then use Trichup shampoo

Special Ingredients :

Shikakai will strengthen your hair strands and reduce hair fall, even providing volume to your hair.

Henna will leave your hair thick, silky and healthy.

Features & Benefits:

  • Make Trichup Hair Powder paste and Apply it on your hair with small partition for 30 min. This pack works wonders on hair texture, growth, volume and shine.
  • Massage your scalp with Trichup Oil (Warm up). This increases blood circulation and strengthen hair roots.
  • Your hair will look much healthier, soft, shinier and thicker after use of Trichup Hair spa Kit.

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