Amazon Great Indian Festival – 2020

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Online shopping has become a blessing to the majority of the world population, and why not, it offers everything that will be found in the markets, but you will not be required to physically visit the store in order to get the goods. Apart from that, online shopping sites genuinely offer a great many discounts and offers in almost every product, and there are surely enough online sites available for comparing the prices and obviously obtain the better one. 

Discounts, offers, coupon, and deals aside, there are mega sales that usually occurs during festivities, which gives you all the opportunity to at the best prices ever. In the past few years only, these mega sales have gained so much importance and popularity, that the consumer wait for these sales for over months to get their most precious shopping list checked. 

Journey Of Amazon

The global presence of amazon is greatly felt. However, the company started its journey as early as 1994, when e-commerce services through the internet were only a dream. With the global reputation on its back, Amazon launched its e-commerce services in 2013, by expanding its services to India. From then to now, Amazon has been the gamechanger, competing fruitfully with the existing players of e-commerce in the Indian market. 

Following the lead of other e-commerce sites in the Indian market, Amazon too easily acquired the majority of e-commerce. This was purely done by the great business ideas that included offering a platform to its customers to have a diverse opportunity to choose from a collection of items. This collection comprises of books, clothes, computers and laptops, mobiles, and accessories, kitchen appliances, jewelry, home appliances, movies, music, and many other goods. 

The great thing about e-commerce sites like Amazon has many offers and discounts allotted for its product. On top of that, Amazon Coupons and unique sales offer like the ‘Amazon Great India Sale-Festival’, ‘Freedom Sale’, ‘Prime Day Sale’, ‘Super Value Days (1st-7th of Every Month)’, ‘Amazon Pay Balance Add Money Offers’, ‘Amazon Wardrobe Refresh Sale’ are the reasons that lets Amazon to be considered as the center of attention in the Indian e-commerce scenario. 

Like other online shopping portals, Amazon also has quite a reputation, roping customers in with great deals, exotic discounts, authentic coupons, and above all, it reliable and safe services even in the remotest o corners of India.

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

There are many sales that may grab your attention but Amazon Great Indian Festival will remain one of the most awaited ones for all every year. This is where a shopper’s dreams come true. On the other hand, you neither have to be a shopaholic nor own a fortune, the prices are so low that you can easily afford it on your own without worrying about the bill at the end of the day. 

This year too the Amazon Great Indian Sale will see one of the greatest discounts on items that at other times of the year usually cost a fortune. This 5 days sale gives an opportunity to every type of consumer to get something out of it. The sale covers a wide variety of products out of various categories ranging from, mobiles, laptops, washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators, furniture, ACs, TVs, books, clothes, personal care, baby care, sports, auto and many other items that are used in our daily lives. From heavy-duty products to even groceries, Amazon Great Indian Festival covers it all under one roof and attractive deals that you can not simply miss out it. 

Amazon Great Indian Sale Dates 

Yes, the dates are in, and all you need to do now is wait and prepare for it, so you can make the most out of this sale. Amazon Great Indian Sale is said to be the biggest sale of the year and it will commence on the 17th of October and conclude on the 21st of October, 2020. 

Like every other year, the dates are placed in coordination with the festivities around this time of the year, and for Indians, this time of the year suggests two major festivals, Dusshera and Diwali. Each day will have separate offers based on categories, brands, specific items. Amazon coupons are also an important part of acquiring the best offers. 

Amazon Prime members get something extra other than the few banks offering some additional discounts and cashback offers to their cardholders following the terms and conditions. With all the things we have mentioned and a few more to intrigue your interest tenfold, Amazon Great Indian Festive is just around the corner for you to dive just right in. 

Amazon Great Indian Festival Categories You May Find Interesting

The Amazon Great Indian Sale will be here to make you feel valued, as the products you have been adding to cart for so long not making the actual purchase due to monetary reasons, can be acquired during this sale. There are few discounts placed on a few specific categories which may interest you. 


When the Amazon Great Indian sale commences every year, one of the most important things to look for is laptops. Electronic items such as laptops usually have a heavy amount and it is always beneficial to get an offer while buying such products. 

However, during this year’s Amazon Great Indian Festival all laptops will get a good discount but especially for gaming laptops 60% OFF is more than you can ask of. All the top gaming laptops will be on sale, and the prices will be so much desired that it might be at some point irresistible to not go for it. So, it is advised if you wish to get a decent laptop at an affordable rate, this might be your shot at it. 


Next on our list of important electronic goods to go on sale at times of Amazon Festival Sale, smartphones are the next take away. We can all agree, today smartphones are a very intimate part of our daily routine, thus, owning such a device has become more of a necessity. 

Communication, entertainment, work everything can be done on a smartphone making its value all the more worthwhile. New features and constant up-gradation done on smartphones were partly making it more efficient and effortless to use, on the other hand, new technology was also making smartphones with the best performance somewhat expensive. 

Thus, owning a smartphone with the latest technology costs more. It should not be much of a problem though, as smartphones are also included in the Amazon Great Indian Sale, and the offers and discounts will surely blow your mind. If you have waited this long, wait a bit more, and let the Amazon Indian Festival start, and you may just have what you wished for. 


Apart from the huge price-drops on electronic devices to have your attention, Men & Women’s clothing gets quite a few discounts to up your game of fashion. We know that ‘You are never completely dressed without a smile’ but still the dressing part is pretty important. 

The world of fashion is also evolving every day, and your desire to match up with the trend is quite understandable and it surely causes no harm in wanting to make yourself look appealing to your own standards. So, get ready to be surprised, as the Amazon Great Indian Sale 2020 will have a 50% OFF on men & women’s clothing, in order for you to own that funky t-shirt or that gorgeous dress for that matter. 

Prepare your wishlist or save items in your cart from now on, and only make the purchase when the Amazon festival offers are available for you to be satisfied with your innocent agenda of shopping. 

Electrical Appliances

Electronic gadgets like smartphones and laptops are the top priority when it comes to online shopping as well as online sales. There are other heavy-duty electrical appliances that make the Amazon Great Indian Sale much more popular. Electrical appliances like washing machine, microwave, refrigerator, chimney, etc gets a massive discount offer to count on. These electrical appliances are very important for managing household works. Thus, a sale of such appliances are always appreciated, and Amazon Great Indian Sale brings that to you. 

Special Offers During Amazon Great Indian Sale

If you are not still convinced yet, if Amazon Great Indian Sale is going to be a blast or not for you, this might change your mind for good. Here are a few other offers you can bank on, during the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020. 

Exchange Offer

The Amazon Great Indian Sale is in itself a great opportunity to score items that were all along waiting on your wishlist. Now, think about how tempting it would be if you are given a chance to get an exchange offer along with the discounts provided on specific items? Well, your wish was just granted. 

Happy Hour Products

To increase your chances of getting the products you have been saving for, Amazon Great Indian Sale has major discounts in place. If you want more, wait for the happy hours, and you will surely find the joy when you finally press that buy now button without having to worry about money. 

Scheduled Delivery

All set up to buy your desired product but do not want to wait for more than necessary for delivery. Well, the upcoming Amazon sale will present to you the options of fast and scheduled delivery along with easy installation for certain items on their website.

Return Policy

Ever wondered, what if you get stuck with the product you have ordered but got something you were not entirely satisfied with? Amazon comes bearing the answers to your question. Amazon Indian festival also has a friendly and effective return policy which will aid you in your mistaken order placement. 

Extended Warranty

Many products, mostly electronic goods generally come with some sort of warranty. This is important, as they cost plenty and a warranty assures longevity in case of some unforeseen circumstances. Amazon Great Indian Festival is also offering extended warranty services on a few of its product, so you can grab them without any thought of risk. 

Discount Coupon

Apart from the hefty discounts offered on Amazon during the sale, the Amazon Discount Coupon makes it all the more worthy. In case you are wondering how to get these coupons, you can collect them on the Amazon App, prior to sale and only apply them on the time of Amazon Great Indian Festival. 

Prime Membership Subscription Offer

The Amazon Great Indian Sale brings you lucrative offers for almost all categories and for every buyer visiting the Amazon website. However, there is something special for every Amazon Prime members. Amazon Prime members will get all the offers and deals presented on Amazon products prior to the actual sale goes live for all Amazon users. 

If you are an Amazon Prime member then you are in for a treat. Apart from the genuine Amazon Prime Video and Music access, unlimited free and fast delivery is guaranteed for all Prime members. And if you are not yet an Amazon Prime Member, don’t have to worry as the Prime Membership is also up for a grab during the Amazon Great Indian Festival, with also a chance of earning INR 200 cashback. 

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020: Offers By Banks

During the Amazon Great Indian Sale, many banks tie-up with Amazon to offer discounts to their individual cardholders. For instance, Citibank and Axis Bank are offering a 10% discount on purchase using their cards for the payment. Other than that, EMI’s can be acquired from a few of the banks for buying specific products at your own convenience.  

Payment Methods During Amazon Great Indian Festival

You can buy all the items you were looking for at attractive prices, and multiple payment methods offered by Amazon will make it worth your time and money. 

Card Payments

No matter if you have a debit card or a credit card, you can still make your payment while purchasing any product from Amazon. However, during the Amazon Great Indian Sale, specific banks are offering extra discounts on every purchase, so you may be lucky enough to avail them as well.  

Cash On Delivery

Cash on delivery (COD) is a feature that has made online shopping all more efficient. And the Amazon Indian Festival is no exception, thus, you can easily buy the product and only pay when you receive the delivery. 

Net Banking

Amazon also has a net banking option to make shopping less stressful. So, you don’t have to worry about keeping cash ready when the delivery arrives, but you can pay the sum through net banking. 


Above all, you can also opt for an EMI option. This will give you the opportunity to buy an expensive product but pay the lump sum amount in installments. And Amazon Great Indian Sale is the right opportunity to get all the offers in one go. 

Why The Amazon Great Indian Festival Is So Important?

There are quite a few reasons why the Amazon Great Indian festival holds such a reputation today. Some of the reasons are stated below which are enough to make you convinced about the upcoming Amazon sale. 

Awesome Price-Drops

To make your buying experience worth remembering, the Amazon Great Indian Sale is will see awesome price-drops that will make you grab a few deals without worrying about the bill. 


Heavy-duty products like refrigerators, microwaves, ACs, washing machines, TVs, etc are in general are pricey. However, if you still wish to make savings out of buying these items, you may wanna buy them during the Amazon Great Indian Festival. The offers are truly amazing. 

Shop More At Less

As we have said it countless times, the Amazon Great Indian Sale will have some awesome offers. Availing the offers, discounts, deals, and coupons, you can now show more at a very lesser price. 

Prime Deals

The offers are for all, but there is always something more for the Amazon Prime members. Other than extra benefits assembled for Prime members, you can also avail of a Prime Membership during the sale at a lower cost and might even win cashback. 

Brand Loyalty

We understand, that there are a few brands you prefer and might even utilize their products religiously. For which, this Amazon Great Indian Festival will bring you a chance to shop from all the major brands but at a price that you would not believe the first time you see it. 

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020

If you are still not sure how the Amazon Great Indian Sale will pan out to be, here are a few examples of the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 (January) offers and discounts, you will not be disappointed. 

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020: Deals On Mobiles

As you you know now the importance of smartphones in our daily lives, let’s have a look at the last Amazon Great Indian Sale 2020, which is enough to convince you to opt for the gadget you have secretly hoped for but never had the courage to actually go for it. 

SmartphonesAmazon Great Indian Festival 2020 Offers
Apple iPhone XINR 39,999
OnePlus 7 ProINR 44.999
OnePlus 7INR 29,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 10INR 69,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 9INR 42,999
Huawei Mate 20 Pro INR 49,990
Huawei Y9 Prime 2019INR 15,590
Huawei P30 LiteINR 15,590
Huawei MediaPad T5INR 13,990
Samsung Galaxy A70INR 24,990
Vivo V17 ProINR 27,990
OPPO Reno 2INR 36,990
Apple iPhone 6SINR 26,990
Vivo V15 INR 15,990
Samsung Galaxy M30sINR 9,999
Samsung Galaxy M30 (4Gb + 64GB) INR 9,999
Samsung Galaxy M20INR 9,999
Realme U1INR 7,999
Honor 8XINR 9,999
Honor 9NINR 8,499
OPPO A5 2020INR 13,990
Xiaomi Poco F1INR 14,999
OPPO K3INR 15,990
Xiaomi Mi A3INR 12,999
Xiaomi Redmi 7INR 5,999
Xiaomi Redmi Y3INR 7,999
Nokia 6.1 PlusINR 9,999
Xiaomi Redmi 7AINR 4,999
LG W30INR 7,999
Samsung Galaxy M10INR 7,999

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020: Deals On Television Sets 

The last Amazon Great Indian Sale also had its share of offers and discounts on Television sets. Since the advent of televisions, this device designed for entertainment purposes gained a lot of emphasis and still holds the same popularity today. However, like other modern devices, televisions have also come a long way from ‘the box’ to being sleek and stunning devices serving the purpose with clarity. 

No matter how much the times have changed, one thing has remained fairly common, the price of television sets, which was high back then for being a new invention, and now with their new technology and latest features. Here, Amazon Great Indian Sale does justice with its consumers with the staggering price-drops in varied ranges, so, you don’t have to worry about spending more than necessary. This will also help you form an idea of how the upcoming great Indian sale is going to be like. 

Television SetsAmazon Great Indian Festival 2020 Offers
55 inches Samsung Super 6 Series 4K UHD LED Smart INR 55,999
LG 108 cm (43 inches) 4K UHD Smart LED TV INR 38,999
40 inches Samsung HD Smart LED TV INR 27,999
32-inches Mi LED TV 4C PRO HD ReadyINR 10,999
65-inches TCL P8 4K UHD Android Smart LED TV 65P8INR 56,990
43-inches TCL 4K UHD Android Smart LED TV 43P8INR 26,990

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020: Deals On Refrigerators

Out of the other big-budget electrical appliances, refrigerators are one of the most hyped items to go on sale during the Amazon Great Indian Sale. Generally, refrigerators cost plenty, but who would not want to save a few thousand while buying a refrigerator. On the contrary, the Amazon Great Indian Festival brings to you different types of refrigerators vying from top-class brands at a price worth giving for the product. If you are planning to buy a refrigerator, check out the list of the last edition of the Amazon Great Indian Sale, and get a vivid idea of the treat awaiting you in the near future. 

RefrigeratorsAmazon Great Indian Festival 2020 Offer
LG 260 L 4 Star Frost Free Double Door RefrigeratorINR 24,990
Samsung 700 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side RefrigeratorINR 66,990
Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct Cool Single Door RefrigeratorINR 11,490

Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020: Deals On Washing Machines

Like refrigerators, washing machines are also another type of heavy-duty item, that has a good price but makes washing clothes all the more efficient. But the pricing of washing machines are often too high to suit your budget. However, Amazon Great Indian Festival brings you washing machines at prices never imagined before. Check out the list of the -previous Amazon Great Indian Sake and you will get an idea of how exotic the upcoming Amazon sale is going to be like. 

Washing MachinesAmazon Great Indian Festival 2020 Offer
IFB 6 kg Fully-Loading washing MachineINR 22,499
LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing MachineNR 17,299
Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing MachineINR 12,899
Haier 565 L Inverter Frost-Free Side-by-Side RefrigeratorINR 55,900

How To Make The Most Out Of This Amazon Great Indian Sale

Amazon Great Indian Sale is just around the corner, and if you do not wish to miss out on the best of this event, you better get ready. Here are a few things you can do, that will help you make the most out of it. 

Stay Logged In

The most important thing you can do during the Amazon Great Indian Sale is that, keep yourself logged in to your Amazon account prior to the sale. The sale will be massive, and you sure as hell, don’t want to miss the start of it.

Don’t Miss A Deal

Every deal will have something authentic to offer. With Amazon Great Indian Festival each deal will give you bonus discounts and offers which are so tempting that it would not be worth bailing out on. 

Keep The Wishlist Updated

Believe me, when I say this, your wishlist is your wish grating factory, cause the Amazon Great Indian Festival is about to make them come alive. Keeping items wishlisted will further save the time to find the products, and make your choices all the easier to achieve. 

Do The Homework

Before the sale commences, you can do one thing for sure, that is to have proper knowledge about the product and be wise enough to compare it with other items. This will help you gear up for the Amazon Great Indian Festival and avail the offers and deal before anybody else gets their hands on it. 

Keep Yourself Updated

The Amazon Great Indian Festival has thousands of people looking for their favorite items on the online site. So, it is very likely that the things you were looking for might just be sold out. In order to prevent such circumstances, you better keep the payment details filled prior to the sale actually starts. 


The Amazon Great Indian Festival will surely be a great one, and this article gives you all reasons why you should believe that. Know most of the offers prior to the actual sale, so it is easy to decide what you want. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready, the sale might turn out to be the best opportunity for you to grab your dreams with bare hands. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Amazon Great Indian Festival

1. What is Amazon Great Indian Festival?

Ans: The Amazon Great Indian Festival is an online sale that takes place on the Amazon website offering great discounts, offers, and deals to grab your favorite item from its mega online categories. 

2. When will Amazon Great Indian Festival start this year?

Ans: The first leg of the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2020 has already finished early this year, but that’s no reason to feel remorse, as the second leg is just around the corner. The Amazon Great Indian Sale 2020 will start on the 17th of October and end on the 21st of October.