Best Fitness Band in India – 2020

Best Fitness Band in India

Best Fitness Band

The best fitness band in India is a convenient way to keep your fitness metrics in check and be stylish!

But, we know that before you invest in the best smart band in India, there are some questions that keep wandering in your minds:

1) Is it worth buying a fitness band?

2) Can the best fitness band work without Bluetooth connectivity?

3) There are so many fitness bands available in the market, how to decide which one will meet my requirements?

Don’t Stress Out! To solve your problems, we have done all the research work and prepared a complete review list of the Top 10 Best Fitness Band in India. To make this more accurate we have interviewed 4 experts and tested over 20 different models to find the best fitness band for you!

Now without wasting much time, go through this article and choose the best fitness band in India!

List of Top 10 Best Fitness Band in India

You can be a fitness freak or a health concerned person to own a fitness band, but still, you will need a guide from which to choose the best fitness band. So dig into the list of the top 10 fitness bands in India, and take home the best fitness tracker that will stay with you for a long time.

RankBest Fitness Band in IndiaZotezo ScoreBuy Now
#1 Huawei Band 3E Smart Band Activity Tracker10 Buy Now
#2 Honor Band 49.8 Buy Now
#3 Mi Band 39.5 Buy Now
#4 Mevofit Bold Fitness Band9 Buy Now
#5 Noise ColorFit 2-Smart Fitness Band9 Buy Now
#6 Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker8.5 Buy Now
#7 Fitbit Inspire Health and Fitness Tracker8.5 Buy Now
#8 Sonata SF Rush Black Dial Unisex’s Activity Tracker8.5 Buy Now
#9 GoQii Run GPS Fitness Tracker8 Buy Now
#10 Garmin Vívofit 4 Fitness Tracking Watch8 Buy Now

10. Garmin Vívofit 4 Fitness Tracking Watch

best smart band
Why Did We Choose It?

As a fitness tracker brand, Garmin also has some reputation, however, Garmin Vívofit 4 Fitness Tracking Watch only manages to clinch on to the 10th on the list of top 10 best fitness band, due to being so expensive. Even with such a high price, it is not waterproof, does not have a heart monitor and other problems faced by customers makes it go down on the list.

  • Warranty Period: 1 year
  • Battery Life: 1+ year
  • Tracks: Steps, distance, calories burned, monitors sleep and provide a personalized daily step goal
  • No charging needed
  • Easy to read even in direct sunlight
  • Interchangeable bands available
What We Like:
  • Comes with a comfortable band
  • The device has a good and sleek design
  • It has considerably good accuracy
  • The device has a whopping 1+ years of battery life
  • No charging is required
What We Don’t Like:
  • The device is too expensive
  • This is not waterproof
  • Does not track heart rate
  • Has a limited Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sync issues are experienced

9. GoQii Run GPS Fitness Tracker

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Why Did We Choose It?

Among all fitness tracker brands, GoQii has reserved the 9th spot in the list of the fitness bands in India. To be precise, GoQii Run GPS Fitness Tracker only manages to capture the 9th place among the best fitness band, vying to the number of problems faced by customers. Such as data sync issues, battery drainage, inaccuracy as well as the slightly higher price to go with.

  • Battery Life: 7 days
  • Tracks: Steps, distance, pace, calories burned, heart rate and duration, sleep
  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to goqii iOS (ver 8.0 and above) or Android app (version 4.3 and above)
  • Exercise mode is available
  • GPS tracker included
What We Like:
  • Comes with coaching and doctor consultation to guide your work-out sessions
  • Keeps a complete log of food and activity
  • The device is sturdy
  • A separate charger is not required for it’s charging
  • This fitness band has regular tracking features
  • It is also waterproof
What We Don’t Like:
  • Needs to be synced on a daily basis
  • Battery drains out quickly
  • Warranty period not mentioned
  • Comes at a slightly higher price
  • The device is not really easy to use
  • GPS takes time to turn on
  • Sleep tracking is inaccurate in some cases
  • Does not include smart notification features

8. Sonata SF Rush Black Dial Unisex’s Activity Tracker

best budget fitness band india
Why Did We Choose It?

Sonata is another brand that has a distinct reputation in the watchmaking industry. However, with Sonata SF Rush Black Dial Unisex’s Activity tracker, Sonata only manages the 8th spot on the list of the best fitness band in India. The reason for such a reputed brand coming only 8th is due to the limited features it provides, but considering the price, there’s nothing more to expect. On the bright side, this fitness tracker has an ergonomic design to opt for.

  • Warranty Period: 1-year manufacturing warranty
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery required
  • Counts steps and burnt calories
  • Water Resistance Depth: 30 meters
  • Comes with an OLED Display
  • Has Vibration Alarms
  • The band has an ergonomic Design
What We Like:
  • This device comes at a very low price
  • The warranty period is also included at such a low price range
  • Has an ergonomic design to opt-in for
  • This gadget is water-resistant
  • It has few features like step count, calories burnt and alarm
What We Don’t Like:
  • Heart rate monitor not included in the product
  • Hard to read the display in daylight
  • Inaccuracy issues faced
  • The device has fewer features than other fitness bands
  • There is no mention of the battery life of the gadget

7. Fitbit Inspire Health and Fitness Tracker

best fitness watch india
Why Did We Choose It?

For the beginners who are concerned about their health and fitness, Fitbit Inspire Health and Fitness Tracker can be a wiser choice-making its appearance at the 7th spot on our list of the best fitness band in India. Having all the necessary features like fitness and health tracking, smart notifications, silent alarm, and being swim-proof, the fitness tracker comes at a whopping high price.

  • Device Weight: 99.8g
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery with 5 days of battery life
  • Steps, distance, hourly activity, active minutes, calories burnt and sleep patterns are recorded
  • Smart notifications and set silent alarms are available
  • The smart band is swim-proof
  • Saves 7 days of detailed motion data
  • Bluetooth 4.0V, Radio transceiver
What We Like:
  • The device has excellent accuracy
  • It is good for beginners
  • This gadget is waterproof to 50m distance
  • It also saves 7 days worth motion data in detail
  • The band has celebration features for achieving each milestone for motivational purposes
  • It comes with regular features of fitness tracking along with swimming and bike rides
  • It also has the feature to track your resting heart to derive the impact of your workout
What We Don’t Like:
  • Battery backup is not good enough considering the higher price point and features included
  • No warranty period mentioned in the product
  • This gadget is heavier in weight
  • There have been problems experienced regarding its touch

6. Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker

best smartband in india
Why Did We Choose It?

When we are discussing a fitness band or watches, the list stays incomplete without Fastrack. So, at number 6 on our list of the best fitness band in India, Fastrack Reflex 2.0 Activity Tracker makes its entry vying for the following reasons; 10 days battery life, regular fitness tracking features including female health tracking. However, it still fell below on the list of best fitness bands due to several complaints and incompatibility with many smartphones.

  • Warranty Period: 1-year manufacturing warranty
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Metal battery with 10 days of battery life
  • Tracks: Number of steps; total distance; the number of calories burnt; sleep patterns
  • Camera control feature
  • Touch screen and Dial Glass Material: Acrylic
  • The device is compatible with all iOS versions 8.0 and above and android versions 5.0 and above
  • Smart notifications and find your phone feature included along with vibrating alarm
  • The Reflex 2.0 conforms to the IPX6 Water Resistance norm
What We Like:
  • Female health tracking feature included in the device
  • The gadget is inexpensive with all the features
  • 1-year warranty included
  • Camera control feature for perfect pictures
  • The device is water-resistant with Reflex 2.0
  • Comes with regular health and fitness monitoring features
What We Don’t Like:
  • The device does not connect with the following phone models: Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro, Moto G5 series – all phones, Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro
  • Device display is Horizontal
  • This gadget has very poor connectivity
  • It is not completely touch screen
  • It often shows inaccurate readings
  • Battery drains out too quickly

5. Noise ColorFit 2-Smart Fitness Band

Best Activity Tracker India
Why Did We Choose It?

Going by the sleek design of Noise ColorFit 2-Smart Fitness Band, it has an array of features, including a period tracker for women, which makes this fitness tracker stand out from the rest at number 5 on the list of the best fitness band in India. Having a 1-year warranty on the gadget, and a camera control feature for the selfie generation this could just be the best fitness band at an affordable price.

  • Warranty Period: 1 Year
  • Device Weight: 22.7g
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery with 5 days of battery life
  • Optical heart rate monitor
  • Sleep tracker, step tracker, the fitness tracker
  • Optional period tracker for women is present
  • Bluetooth v4.0 and is compatible with iPhones running iOS 8.0 and above and Android phones running Android 4.4 and above USB charge port
  • Smart notifications included
  • 14 different sports modes
  • IP68 Waterproof for up to 1.5m deep and up to 30 minutes
  • Camera Control and idle alert
What We Like:
  • This fitness band is lightweight
  • It has a sleek design
  • This gadget comes with regular features like fitness and health tracker along with period tracker for women
  • The device also has smart notifications and 14 different sports modes
  • This product is waterproof up to 1.5m and that too up to 30 minutes
  • Camera control features specially included for the selfie generation
What We Don’t Like:
  • It has an uncomfortable and bad quality strap
  • The display is not visible out in sunlight
  • Poor Bluetooth connectivity experienced in some cases
  • Battery life is not up to the mark in comparison with other devices of the same range

4. Mevofit Bold Fitness Band

best health band
Why Did We Choose It?

Coming at number 4 on the list of the best fitness band in India, Mevofit Bold Fitness Band, and Fitness Smartwatch also has similar useful tracking features. However, the fitness band has an added quality of being dust-proof. Other than that, a smart notification feature usually adds up to the quality of this fitness band, making sure you stay well connected with your social and work life as well.

  • Warranty Period: 1 year
  • Device Weight: 27.2g
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Metal battery with 7-10 days of battery life
  • Tracks steps, distance, running, calories burned and active minutes, heart rate and sleep
  • Smart notification features like Temperature auto-sync, weather display, alarm clock, and reminders available
  • 7 types of sports notifications available
  • Dustproof & Waterproof (IP Level 67) fitness band
  • Has a big OLED Colored Screen
What We Like:
  • The device has good battery back up
  • It is easy to use and lightweight
  • Can be considered as a good gadget for fitness enthusiasts
  • It also has a stylish look to go with
  • 1 year warranty period included with the product
  • Regular health tracking features along smart notification features are provided
  • Other features include temperature auto-sync, weather display
What We Don’t Like:
  • Technical issues experienced
  • Accuracy issues may sometimes be found
  • Bluetooth connectivity problems are also faced

3. Mi Band 3

fitness tracker india
Best Fitness Tracker
Why Did We Choose It?

In the case of electronic gadgets, Mi is a reliable and reasonable name we all know of. Mi Band 3 making it to the 3rd position on the list of the best fitness band in India is no surprise. Living up to the brand name this little gadget has longer battery life, tracks different health and fitness readings, weather and is also waterproof coming at an affordable rate.

  • Warranty Period: 1 year
  • Device Weight: 18.1g
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery with 20 days battery life
  • Smart features like Heart rate monitoring, Sleep analysis, Idle Alert, Weather Forecast and advanced step tracking are available
  • Has a 0.78” OLED touch screen
  • Call and Notification Alert and Find my phone feature included
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • Phone Unlock feature (Android Only)
  • Connects with Android 4.4, iOS 7.0 or above
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and above connectivity available
What We Like:
  • The device is waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Comes with a good battery back up, if you know how to use
  • The product comes with useful features of health and sleeps tracking along with heart rate monitor
  • It has smart notification and weather forecast along with Find my phone and phone unlock feature
  • This product also comes with a 1-year warranty
  • This device is lightweight
  • Definitely, value for money
What We Don’t Like:
  • Glass is Prone to scratches
  • Band strap is often uncomfortable
  • Does not track sleep in the daytime

2. Honor Band 4

best band watch
Best Smart Band in India
Why Did We Choose It?

At number 2 on our list of the best fitness band in India, we have Honor Band 4. Considering the multitudes of features, 1 year warranty period, and good battery life, Honor Band 4 is hands down one of the best fitness bands currently available in the market. Apart from the regular features, it also supports outdoor and indoor cycling, various other exercises, swimming, and even weather reports. The price is moderately higher, but comparing the price with the provided features, it is worth the money.

  • Warranty Period: 1 year
  • Device weight: 22.7g
  • Battery: 1 Lithium Polymer battery with a battery life up to 17 days
  • Scientific Sleep Monitoring and Heart Rate Monitoring covered
  • Supports Outdoor, Indoor Run, Cycling and Calories burned counted
  • Moderate to high-intensity activities duration & standing status visible
  • 0.95 Inch AMOLED Touch
  • Stopwatch & timer; Find your phone; Alarm reminder; Smart notifications feature available
  • Weather Reports, Calendar & Social Apps also included
  • Multiple work-out features included
What We Like:
  • The device comes with tempered glass protection for the display screen
  • It has a good battery life if used rightly
  • The display is clear even in daylight with 0.95-inch AMOLED touch screen
  • 1 year warranty period included with the band
  • This product has many important features, like daily activities monitor, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor
  • It also comes with outdoor and indoor running and cycling, exercises
  • The device has a good design and lightweight
  • This fitness band is water-resistant, thus supports pool swim
  • Other features include, smart notification, Find your phone, weather, and calendar
  • Along with features it also provides a 1-year warranty
What We Don’t Like:
  • The device has connectivity issues sometimes
  • Huawei Health App issues are also experienced
  • The band is slightly expensive

1. Huawei Band 3E Smart Band Activity Tracker

fitness band
Best Fitness Band in India
Why Did We Choose It?

Topping the list of the best fitness band in India, Huawei Band 3E Smart Band Activity Tracker comes with many important features for you to consider it among your top priority. Along with tracking features like steps, distance, calories burned, and sleep, it also has a long battery life and is super lightweight. Despite all those benefits inclined it still has a reasonable price to go with. The only problem with this fitness band is that Huawei has not included a heart rate monitoring feature in it.

  • Warranty Period: 1 year
  • Device Weight: 13.6g
  • Battery: 1 Lithium-ion battery with 288 hours battery life
  • Daily activity tracking and monitoring is included
  • Sleep monitoring; steps; distance; calories burned; idle notification is provided in this band
  • Supports wrist mode and foot mode
  • 5ATM Water-resistant fitness band
  • Connects with smartphone or devices via Bluetooth
What We Like:
  • The device comes with many important features of tracking daily activities
  • This fitness band is lightweight
  • It has a long battery life of 288 hours
  • The band comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Can withstand pressures equivalent to a depth of 50 meters
  • Comes with a Professional Running Guidance
  • Good for athletes to make running more efficient with measurements of step length, swing angle, landing impact, cadence, etc
  • Get up to 14 days of usage time
  • Value for money
What We Don’t Like:
  • Heart rate monitor is not included in this device

Summed Up: Best Fitness Band

Features#1 Huawei Band 3E#2 Honor Band 4#3 Mi Band 3
Heart Rate MonitorYesYesYes
Usage Time14 Days17 Days20 Days
CompatibilityOnly Huwaei PhonesOnly Honor/Huwaei PhonesAny Android Phone
Weight13.6 g22.7 g18.1 g
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year

Buyer’s Guide: The Best Fitness Band in India

Fitness bands are specially designed for people who are concerned about their health and fitness. For which reason, one needs to look for specific features that will eventually help them reach their full potential and goals.

1. Measurements

A fitness tracker can keep tabs on a lot of fitness and health measurements. The reason people would choose a fitness band over smartwatches is solely to monitor steps, distance, calories burned, and health measurements such as heart rate and sleep patterns. So, before making a purchase you need to make sure it covers your required measurements.

2. Accuracy

What will you need a fitness band for if it does not provide you with accuracy? Fitness trackers are eventually invented for the sole purpose of tracking your health and fitness regime, if it does not provide correct readings the device will be useless.

3. Battery Life

As these devices are your partners from the time you buy them, they should have a longer battery life to keep track of your every move. For which the battery life is very much important so it can stay connected to you for a longer period.

4. Display

Fitness bands show their readings on their screen, so, the display needs to be clear to view even in direct sunlight when you are out on the road.

5. Weight

Once you own a fitness band, it will stay with you for the next few months or years. Considering you will have to wear it around your wrist all the time, it should be lightweight, so you do not feel uncomfortable wearing it.

6.Water Resistance

There are a few reasons why your health band should be water-resistant. For instance, when you will have to work out in bad weather. Some fitness bands are also designed with the ability to catch your readings while swimming as well.

7. Connectivity

Fitness band stores readings in your smartphone or other gadgets such as laptops, and to connect to these devices the connectivity of the device should not be poor, so you do not have to pause between your work-out session just for poor connection.

8. Price

As health bands offer an array of features, it also comes with a considerably higher price than usual smartwatches. If you do not wish to burn a hole in your pocket you better look for the required specifications in your fitness tracker which also has a reasonable price.

9. Warranty

Due to the higher price of fitness bands the warranty period of these devices needs to be kept in mind, as you would not like if some technical problem occurs and your device lays useless in your room.

Buyers Guide
Buyer’s Guide: Best Fitness Band in India

What Is A Fitness Band?

The fitness band is an activity tracking device that helps you to monitor the fitness-related factors. It tracks the metrics like the calorie you have burned as well as consume, the distance you have walked or run. Also, some of the best fitness band in India also measure heartbeats. This is a device that you can wear and is synced with a computer or smartphone for data tracking.

Difference Between The Best Fitness Band And Smartwatch

A fitness band is like a lightweight bracelet or wristband that helps to monitor your health. The best fitness band in India uses various sensors and tracks your heartbeat, movements, calorie consumptions, etc. Whereas a smartwatch comes with some extra features. It can count steps as well as can track the sleep cycle. Smartwatch can be an extension of your smartphone.

Best Fitness BandSmart Watch
Helps to monitor steps  Can send texts like your phone
Monitors the sleep cycleBrowses internet easily
Track the distance you have covered  Online payments are available 
Some model displays phone notification  Stores music and using BlueTooth can connect to the headphone  

Benefits of Having the Best Fitness Band in India

A fitness tracker comes with multitudes of features that give you almost accurate health readings, based on your daily activities. As you have to tie the fitness band around your wrist at all times, it is a constant reminder and motivational partner to keep your enthusiasm alive.

  • Fitness band tracks your everyday activities; steps, distance, heart rate, calories burned, and sleep patterns with great accuracy.
  • Some fitness tracker also monitors female menstrual cycles.
  • You can set your personal fitness goals and see through the personal improvements whenever you want.
  • For staying with you all the time and giving you reminders often, a fitness band usually works as a great driving force for the user and helps you in forming a healthy habit.
  • Smartphones are generally a very important thing in our 21st-century lives, and considering the same importance, some fitness tracker comes with the ability to connect you with your smartphones at all times, not letting you miss a thing, making your life easier.
  • With many features included, it is safe to say these little gadgets are your best choice to have everything at one go, even you can stay updated about the weather.
  • Fitness bands with their features can be a very good travel buddy for you, be it with music, or the GPS tracker, they are the ultimate partner you will need for your next wanderlust.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Fitness Band in India

1. What is an activity tracker?

Ans: Activity tracker is a device that lets you track your almost every activity, such as, steps walked, distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate and sleep patterns and directly transfer the data to your app or computer for you have a clear knowledge about your body fitness and improve it from time to time.

2. What’s the difference between a fitness band and a smartwatch?

Ans: Though both fitness bands and smartwatches have many features common in them, their functions are entirely different. For instance, smartwatches are used for directly connecting you with your smartphone so you never miss an update. While, on the other hand, fitness bands are designed to track your daily health activity and maintain your fitness regime.

3. Is it worth getting a fitness tracker?

Ans: In case you wish to track your health and fitness activities regularly, the fitness tracker is worth a shot for you.

4. How long do fitness trackers last?

Ans: Fitness trackers can last a long time. However, there have been contradictions where many stopped working or had technical issues. For which the warranty period is important, considering the high price these fitness trackers usually comes with.

5. Do all fitness trackers need a smartphone?

Ans: Smartphones are usually used for monitoring the activities recorded by your fitness bands. But, you can also use a tablet or desktop to record or go through the same measurements and not necessarily have to use smartphones for these functions.

6. Is the best fitness band in India accurate?

Ans: Well, in the case of measuring heart rates, the best fitness brand in India is surprisingly accurate. Studies have shown that these types of fitness trackers can track rates within 5% of your actual heart rate. These are also accurate in monitoring the rate of calories your body burns per exercise.

Bottom Line

Though a fitness band has become a trend for the Millenials, there can be an array of reasons to own the best fitness band in India. If you are looking to improve your daily living and look after your health and fitness religiously from now on, this could be the guiding article to get the best fitness band. We hope this list will be helpful in starting your fitness plans as soon as possible.

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