10 Best Sanitary Pads in India – 2020

Best Sanitary Pads in India

Best Sanitary Pads

Buying one of the best sanitary pads in India is nothing short of a necessity for every woman. During menstruation, it is important to look after your hygiene which brings us to the discussion of having access to the best sanitary pads in India. 

1) What are the best sanitary pads in India?

2) Which are the best pads for heavy flow?

3) Which are the pads that offer proper hygiene?

These are a few questions that might bother you while opting for the best sanitary pads in India.

List of 10 Best Sanitary Pads in India – 2020

RankZotezo ScoreBest Sanitary Pads

Best Sanitary Pads in India

Best Sanitary pads In IndiaNet Count
Whisper Ultra Clean Sanitary Pads for Women, XL+ 44 Napkins44
Pee Safe Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Sanitary Pads (Pack of 10, Regular)10
Sofy Antibacteria Extra Long Pads – 54 Count54
Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin Sanitary napkins (40 Count)40
Dilency Sales Extra Care Sanitary Pads Day Night protection, XXL – Pack of 40 (XXL, Orange Maxi)40
Azah- Ultra-soft Organic Sanitary Pads (Box of 30 pads: All XL)30
Carmesi Natural & Biodegradable Sanitary Pads – 10 Pieces (All XL)10
Admiria Perfumed Sanitary Pad / Napkins – Extra Large (XL) (Pack of 40)40
VWash Wow Sanitary Napkin Ultra Thin – 16 Count (Extra Large)16
Nua Sanitary Pads – Pack Of 12 (XL+L+R)12

Buyer’s Guide: Best Sanitary Pads in India

The best sanitary pads in India must have a few important qualities that will aid in your comfort and let you relax. Here are a few factors that we must consider.


It is important to check the length of the pad before buying it. As with a wider length, it covers more area, thus preventing the chance of leakage. 


The absorption capability of the pad needs to be kept in mind, so, it can at least offer you protection for 3-4 hours.


As the pads come in direct contact with your skin and private parts, it is important to know about the material used in the making of the product. Organic products are best advised for usage. 


Pads are used for all day long, so, it requires to be comfortable to wear. High-quality and soft pads are most comfortable to wear for a long time. 


Most pads have a few layers for better absorption purposes. Gel layers are the best known for absorption. 

Odor Control

Pads having odor control are the most appreciated so it can make you feel fresh during your period. 

Pad Count

The number of pads included in the package is important to check, and a higher number is always expected. 


There are a variety of brands offering pads at an even wider variety of prices. Choose the one that suits your budget and also meets other requirements.

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Bottom Line

The best sanitary pads in India must provide comfort and hygiene during your menstruation, so you can rely on them and work your way throughout the day. In a country like India, it is even more important to provide hygienic solutions to each and every woman, thus, this article might be helpful. 

With our shared knowledge and picks of the best sanitary pads in India, you can easily find the one that fits your requirements.

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