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MCP Basal Body Thermometer is the best companion you can get for predicting your ovulation. Keep in mind that this basal thermometer is slow, as of slow in the sense of, well… slow. We tell you upfront and we do so for a reason. It’s important. Not that we couldn’t make it fast, we can. But you don’t want it to be fast. Believe me, you don’t.Why is this basal body thermometer slow? Well, you will buy this thermometer because you want to chart your ovulation, right? So, that’s it! For that you need an accurate thermometer. And accurate equals slow and steady. Especially when you measure orally.
Conclusion : We had to make a thermometer that can handle oral measurement and still does a great job in accuracy. So we did! But why does an accurate oral thermometer need to be slow? Well, let me explain. If you keep your mouth open and breath in, the air flowing through your mouth is cooling down your mouth tissue. 0.2-0.5 degrees is usually not much of an issue unless…you are charting for ovulation.
You want to know the 0.02 differences! So for getting a good measurement, your mouth tissue needs to be as close to your actual body temperature as possible. For that we modified our algorithm to come as close as possible under the tongue. That takes time. Speed is an accuracy killer in this case. Sounds complicated? It is. But we try to help you understand that oral measurement is not the best way to go for charting unless you do it right : Sit tight, mouth shut and don’t move.
Our focus is one thing only : Get you a good reading. There are ‘charters’ among us and we know it is important to rely on highly accurate data. This is the only way to get it. No unfair promises, we prefer keeping it straightforward. So, that’s a little story behind it. Buy this thermometer and we will help you to chart your basal body temperature!

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