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Climate Change Impact Leads To Antarctica And Greenland Losing Ice Cover 6% Faster

Climate Change Impact

It world be very outrageous to say that Climate Change effects are not entirely visible to mankind. On the contrary, its effects have left a long-lasting impact and will continue to do so in the coming years. Recent developments on Climate Change states that its reach has been causing the Earth to lose its precious ice sheets in Antarctica and Greenland, that too, faster than what was reported in the 1990s.

Yes Bank Gears Back To Normality

Yes Bank Shares Rise

Yes Bank shares further rose another 58% on Tuesday, as this records the third consecutive day the troubled private lender saw a rise in their shares. Within seven sessions, Yes Bank shares surged over 1000% rising from its previously destructive low. On 6th March, Yes Bank shares hit a lifetime low of 5.50%, from where recovering seemed an uncanny option.

Amidst Global Shutdown, Amazon Inc To Provide Jobs

Amazon Hires Workers Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Amidst the global shutdown in place, Amazon announced 100,000 new job opening in its warehouses and delivery services across the United States. While the epidemic continues to spread viciously among the US, infecting thousands and contributing on to its death toll, the citizens are emptying the stores in fear of a quarantine being imposed in near future, and thus a surge in the online purchase was noticed.

COVID-19 Affecting Football Fraternity

Coronavirus In Football

On Sunday, March 15, Valencia announced 5 cases of Coronavirus, but all cases were asymptomatic. Among the 5 cases, one was Argentina’s Ezequiel Garay, while another player from France, Eliaquim Mangala also contracted the virus. Following this incident, several other players, coaches, and staff were also tested positive, constituting at least 35% of the squad.

Coronavirus Digs Deeper In India, One More Death Confirmed

Coronavirus In India

By far two deaths were confirmed by the government, and Maharashtra being affected most with 40 cases to its name. But on Tuesday, 17th of March, another death in Maharashtra added to the death toll, as India records 3 deaths for now. Apart from the deaths, new cases are appearing on a daily basis contributing to the statistics of the epidemic. Karnataka and Noida both recorded 2 more positive COVID-19 cases each on Tuesday. Haryana confirmed its first case of Coronavirus on Tuesday as well.

IPL Players Heads For Home Amidst Coronavirus Tension

Coronavirus Tension On IPL

Some top-ranked teams of the game, the Mumbai Indians, the Chennai Super Kings, and the Kolkata Knight Riders have all canceled their camps, while Royal Challengers Bangalore announced their take on the matter by deferring training camps.

After Pandemonium, Yes Bank Gets A New Life

Yes Bank Crisis

On Monday, the Yes Bank announced that it will resume all banking services from 18th March evening, as the moratorium gets lifted. The Yes Bank wrote on its twitter handle, “We will resume full banking services from Wed, Mar 18, 2020, 18:00 hrs. Visit any of our 1,132 branches from Mar 19, 2020, post commencement of banking hrs to experience our suite of services. You will also be able to access all our digital services & platforms”.

US Jumpstarts Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Today

US Coronavirus Vaccine Trial

The US Government officials stated that on Monday, the first person will be participating in the vaccine trial. The trial is funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is taking place at Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, situated in Seattle. But acquiring a potential vaccine still seems to be 12-18 months away, according to public health officials.

In Times Of Coronavirus, Clean Water Is Necessity

Clean Water Is A Necessity In Times Of Coronavirus

Statistics suggest that there are about 844 million people globally who do not have access to clean water. The number of people who do not have clean water access in India alone stands at 163 million, according to the statistics of NGO-Water Aid in 2018. While in Nigeria, the numbers are approximately 59 million.

Coronavirus Forces United States To Go Under Emergency

US Emergency

Containing the virus in the United States seemed to be ineffective, as the growing number of cases raised a lot of genuine concern. Six states of the US, namely, Washington, Louisiana, Iowa, Florida, New York, and even Rhode Island have sought out National Guard troops to combat the recent conditions as public gathering and movement were suspended. The US has topped 17,000 cases so far. President Donald Trump has also announced drive-thru testing t be allowed in some areas, similar to Germany and South Korea.




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