10 Foods To Boost Your Winter Moods

10 Foods To Boost Your Winter Moods



Don’t you sometimes feel a little blue in this cold winter season? You are not alone.


Along with winter comes with its melancholic vibes. It then seems impossible to refresh your mood that has been terrible the whole day without any apparent reason. At this time of the year, as the day gets shorter and with less amount of sunlight, most of us feel ‘Hangry’. 


Apart from talk therapy, medications, and other treatments, eating the right foods will help you in this SAD (seasonal affective depression) situations. Let’s check 10 of the food items that will help you to fight that winter blues. 

1. Dark Chocolate


Probably no one is there in this world, who does not like chocolates. Though dark chocolates are not so fan-favorite, they work better on our moods. Chocolate increases the levels of serotonin hormones in our brain, that releases the ‘feel-good hormone’ Dopamine. It activates the pleasure and joy center of our brain and we feel happy instantly.

2. Seeds and Nuts


Nuts like cashews, walnuts, and almonds, etc. are a source of magnesium, essential amino acid tryptophan and omega 3 fatty acids that have antidepressant effects. These are very useful to fight anxiety, stress and improves your mental health. Zinc, a mineral is generally found in pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and sesame seeds. Zinc generally regulates the appetite, produces energy, and provides a great mood. Remember to stock up lots of nuts and seeds for winter.

3. Oatmeals


Oats are not only good for weight loss, but it can also refresh your mood. They have a low glycemic index, that stables the blood sugar level so you do not get hungry easily. Oats are also a great source of selenium that brightens the mood.

4. Lentils


Complex carbohydrates like lentils are rich in fibers and have an abundance amount of minerals. It contains an important vitamin Folic acid that is a mood booster. Lentils boost the serotonin level of the brain and we get into a calmer, happier state of mind.

5. Lean Proteins


Lean proteins like chicken and turkey contain Tryptophan amino acids. Our body needs tryptophan to produce serotonin hormone that releases dopamine in our brain. With the increasing amount of dopamine, we feel happy and joyous. Lean proteins also make hormone melatonin that regulates sleep function and reduces anxiety.

6. Bananas


Bananas are a great source of potassium that helps to fuel the brain. Magnesium which reduces anxiety and helps to sleep are also found in a banana. These contain tryptophan amino acid that helps in the secretion of the feel-good hormone. This helps to aid sleep and boost your mood.

7. Fish


Fish like salmon and tuna can be a great source of omega 3 fatty acids. Research has shown that omega 3 fatty acids can cure mood swings effectively. People who intake omega 3 fatty acids are less likely to experience no or mild symptoms of depression.

8. Eggs


Eggs contain a high amount of vitamin D, choline and other proteins. Vitamin D is generally known as the sunshine vitamin, as sunlight is a definite source of this vitamin. It is very important for brain function. People who have low vitamin D in their blood are more prone to depression. Try to eat eggs all winter long to keep feeling great throughout the season.

9. Spinach


Iron is an essential compound to our bodies. Deficiency of iron makes us fatigue and we lose interest in our everyday things. Spinach is full of iron and B vitamins to boost our mood. This mild and tender leafy green naturally increases our energy level and helps us fight the seasonal blues.

10. Berries


Blueberries, Raspberries, and strawberries help fight depression. These berries prevent the secretion of cortisol hormone. Cortisol hormone is generally released from the adrenal gland and slowly heads towards the hippocampus of our brain to rewind our memories. Most of the berries are also rich in vitamin C that is known to lower the blood pressure level as well as lowers the cortisol level. Therefore always keep berries in your bag.


Choosing the right food will improve both our physical and mental health. And these ingredients will help you to fight the winter desolations effectively. Try to have the above-mentioned food in your daily diet and be healthy through the winter months.

Soumi Roy
Soumi is the Wellness News Editor at Zotezo.com, and her work has been featured on Medium.com; She has an obsession with writing about wellness stories, home remedies, ancient healing wisdom, and latest wellness developments.

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