Netflix’s New ₹5 Plan To Attract Indian Audiences

Netflix India Subscription

The streaming giant Netflix, while its initial days in India offered the Indian audiences many attractive schemes in order to flourish their business here. Apart from the offers provided, the contents were enough to attract the Indian spectators, and soon after, Netflix became a phenomenon in almost every Indian household. 

Netflix had a strong fanbase and good start in all over the world, and surely it did not compromise and catered the best of contents for their Indian counterparts as well. 

However, soon after Netflix acquired the Indian digital platforms, many such streaming platforms surfaced which eventually gave a head-on competition to Netflix but could not topple it over in the streaming game. 

With the announcements of Disney Plus coming into this competitive market, Netflix is very much aware of the contest upfront but seems a step ahead of all the other streaming giants. 

When Netflix first came to India, it allowed all audiences of a month’s free trial procedure as its marketing strategy, and no charges applied to the subscribers if they wished to discontinue the services after the free trial period. Eventually, Netflix decided to pull the free trial out of its subscription plans later on. 

As Disney Plus is set to make its appearance in the Indian subcontinent from next month onward, Netflix India has drastically cut down its subscription rate to as low as ₹5. 

Though the deal seems to be a jackpot for many potential subscribers, not all new subscribers can have the offer. Even if you get this attractive deal, this will only apply for the first month and Netflix will charge the normal rates of subscription from the second month onward letting subscribers choose from the usual plans before their first month gets over. 

Netflix has planned to test this new scheme for select customers, and will only make a wider approach if the scheme tends to add new subscribers. Netflix is the most expensive streaming site, with the highest monthly subscription in India going as high as ₹799 and also has a mobile-only subscription plan of ₹199. It also plans to tailor its services, keeping in mind its vast Indian audiences. 

Netflix’s potential rival Disney Plus is set to enter the Indian market through Hotstar and has plans to launch it during the Indian Premier League (IPL) season when Hotstar witnesses the highest crowd on its digital platform.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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