A World For Its Wildlife

World Wildlife Day

From the time Earth came into existence, it provided the perfect home consisting of all the necessities for several life forms to start their journey, and may even create history along the way. Soon the surface of the Earth started bustling with several species. Evolution helped them develop into a superior race and thrive on the planet, while some perished, unable to adopt the changes that came their way. 

Our world’s atmosphere and the nature in play, allowed these life forms to grow, live and die in this home for all species. The diversity of this planet is the most important thing, as all the living organisms are equally liable for contributing to its society and environment, and also have a keen responsibility to protect each other and survive together. 

As the most evolved and intelligent species on the face of the Earth, humans have achieved a lot but fails to maintain the balance of nature, often leading to a crisis. While on one hand, the world is walking towards a grave tomorrow with perils like Global Warming, Climate Change looming over its head, on the other hand, our planet’s wildlife and its inhabitants came face to face with life-threating danger, even amounting up to extinction. 

Wildlife crisis appeared in different forms through, overpopulation, proper habitation, natural calamities, climate change, marine pollution, air pollution, and even up to the greedy needs of humans. 

Intergovernmental Panel for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) have also stated that the global rate of extinction has climbed up quite high, due to overexploitation of wildlife and natural sources by humans, which makes both humanity, and plants and animals endangering themselves. 

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated “It seems that humanity has forgotten just how much we need nature for our survival and well-being”, which is the gory truth that needs to be changed. So, as the most excelling species on the planet, it is our duty to be more humane to the wildlife and try and conserve the biodiversity. 

The need to sustain all life forms soon occurred as a general concern and thus on 20 December, 2013 UN General Assembly proclaimed March 3rd to be the World Wildlife Day. With this day, humanity finally acknowledged the plight of nature, wildlife, in short, the entire planet which has given us such a home to cherish our lives. 

Suggested by Thailand to the United Nations, World Wildlife Day is celebrated in order to raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. After 7 years, in 2020, the theme of World Wildlife Day is ‘Sustaining all life on Earth’, with the sole purpose of protecting the entire biodiversity of our planet. 

Most of our basic needs of living are dependent and internally linked with elements of the biosphere, and the wild animals, flora, and fauna are a crucial part of this process. And to protect the ecosystem, we are in dire need to care for our wildlife, as by co-existing we have come this far, and by taking care of each other we might even reside in harmony for some more time.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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