Fire Lashes Out At Jaldapara, No Casualties Recorded Yet

Jaldapara National Park Fire

Jaldapara National Park, which is a home several wild animals, and especially famous for its inhabitants One-horned Rhino, was reported to have been burning out since 2nd March 2020, Monday evening. According to reports, the fire started at Malangi Beat, in between the 1 and 3 compartments. 

A vast portion of the land beside the Tista river caught fire suspiciously and spread out about 8 square kilometer area of the forest. With the fire raging the home of many wild animals, the worry of losing quite a few inhabitants can not be ruled out entirely. 

Report claims, the fir first started in the grasslands beside the Tista river, but in no time the fire spread out through wind. At this time of the year, the forest is generally covered with dry leaves and woods, which played as a catalyst in this dry and windy weather resulting in such a vicious fire. 

The source of the fire is still unknown and the only speculation of human involvement can be thought of. These national parks and conservatories are important in keeping and protecting endangered species and also protect the wild, as well as the environment that has walked on the path of destruction while measures were only taken into account recently. 

After Australia and Amazon, the news of Jaldapara National Park burning out has sparked a lot of tension among environmentalists and wildlife activists. Jaldapara harbors a number of one-horned rhino, nilgai or blue bulls, deers, peacocks and other animals whose lives seem to be in danger due to the fire. 

The speculation of several animals leaving the heart of the forest to outlast the fire cannot be ruled out, which also raises the concern of animals barging into human civilization, invoking the fear of attacks as well as animal deaths. Many animals have also been reported to enter a few villages in the vicinity of the park. 

There is no record yet disclosed by the police or the forest authority stating the amount of damage and loss of lives. Though the fire has fizzled out and even if no losses are recorded the incident itself has shaken the nation. Authorities are looking closely into the matter, trying to find out the cause of the fire, and has taken a few measures to prevent such episode of destruction at bay.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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