Utilizing The Power Of Influencer Marketing, Self-Funded Bakery Aims At A Monthly Turnover Of Rs. 2Crore

Self-Funded Bakery Utilizing The Power Of Influencer Marketing

People love to eat around, that is why the food industry is one of the most bustling business platforms in recent times. From regional foods to international delights and even the desserts are equally enjoyed by almost every individual, thus the food industry never runs dry of consumers. 

After a good meal, indulging in a dessert is something followed across all borders. In India, several sweet dishes throughout different regions are cherished and thus, many sweet shops and bakeries have made quite a fortune in this diverse country. 

Wegner, L’Opera are few of the bakeries that have made quite a name for themselves in this country, especially in its capital Delhi. Another new brand named ‘Honey and Dough’ is on the path of making a successful run. 

Launching in August 2017, ‘Honey and Dough’ is a self-funded company, working as first of its kind pan-bakery brand in India. Founders of ‘Honey and Dough’, Aavika and Utsav Chhawchharia have reported eight outlets across the national capital Delhi, with two more scheduled to open soon, one of which is stated to be in Gurugram. 

The idea of starting up a pan-bakery brand first dawned upon Aavika Chhawchharia, influenced by a Chandigarh based bakery chain. With no pan-bakery brand in Delhi, ‘Honey and Dough;’ soon shot to fame. While ‘Honey and Dough’ is the brainchild of Aavika, Utsav Chhawchharia plays a pivotal role in handling the operations and financial verticals. 

The husband-wife duo decided to start their business in the competitive area of Defense Colony, Delhi, which at the time already had 5 bakery shops. The challenges of survival were tested well at this spot and further created a concrete ground for expanding the business. 

With a 40 percent customer return and decent revenue, the brand cemented its position among leading bakery brands based in Delhi. The unique thing about ‘Honey and Dough’ is it is an all-in-one bakery brand that caters food at a reasonable price for all. The other important thing about their products is that they put great emphasis on the quality of the product. 

From renting small stores to looking for spacious outlets, the duo figured out everything through experimenting in different ways. They also focused on marketing strategies such as social media which is important in today’s time. 

‘Honey and Dough’ has achieved a lot in a short span of time and aims to capitalize on a turnover of Rs 2 crore every month and hopes to expand the business by opening 10 more outlets in the Financial Year 20-21.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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