Taking Some Glitz And Glamour Out Of IPL

IPL Prize Money Cut

Since its inception, the Indian Premier League has been one of the most hyped tournaments, vying to the glitz and glamour that came along with it. The tournament soon shot to fame and garnered immense recognition from the fans across borders. 

Due to the game allowing a wider platform for young talent and assimilation of players of different nations, the huge amount of money involved in the game, and the intimate association of Bollywood stars played an integral role in making IPL a household name. Though critics often bashed this particular format, however, IPL was still managed to make a history of its own. 

After 12 years of a successful run, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) decided to slash the prize money almost to half of what was allowed in the previous season. The prize money cut will be applied to the winning team as well as the runner-up. 

The other changes may include the glamour quotient, which consists of Bollywood stars taking on the stage in the opening ceremony and closing ceremony. BCCI has planned to do away with the opening ceremony of the tournament, emphasizing on the entertainment provided by Bollywood celebs in front of thousands of raving fans. 

This decision was taken by the board as part of its cost-cutting measures. The revised rate of the winning prize has been cut down from 20 crores to 10 crores. Similarly, the runner-up will get an amount of 6.25 crores, which was 12.5 crores in the previous season, while the other qualifying teams will be handed with a sum of 4.3 crores. 

However, with different franchises and BCCI contributing 50 lakh each, any state association hosting IPL will be given 1 crore. Prize money deduction might not affect the game, as BCCI states, sponsorships will play the key role in bolstering their income despite such a decision being made. 

Other changes include, mid-level BCCI employees being restricted from traveling in business class flight, where the journey is less than 8 hours in flight. That is to say, traveling to Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the UAE. 

2020 Indian Premier League (IPL) is set commenced from 29th March onwards, and the changes will be brought in action from the upcoming season.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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