Innovative Awareness Campaigns To Counter COVID-19

COVID-19 Awareness Campaigns

As the world prepares itself from the vicious grip of Coronavirus, India has confirmed 29 COVID-19 positive cases steering panic as well as awareness about the virus. In an attempt to restrict the spread of COVID-19, many brands across different categories have come up with innovative ideas of ad campaigns that are directed towards spreading awareness before the virus itself lashes out. 

Netflix, Amul, Lifebuoy, and Zomato are among the few brands that have taken up the initiative to aware people of the virus. In the era of digital marketing, these brands find it irresistible to join into the conversation surrounding the infamous Coronavirus. This step is an important one in the containment of the COVID-19 virus and stopping the spread of panic firstly. 

Hindustan Unilever’s Lifebuoy emphasized heavily on the hygiene factor involved in the spread of the virus and urged citizens to use hand sanitizers. A pathbreaking ad was also published in the print media by Lifebuoy, which was lauded for all the right reasons. The public service ad asked all people of the nation to use soaps for frequently washing hands, use of hand sanitizers containing alcohol, tissues, and masks. 

The unique thing about this particular ad is that Lifebuoy urging people to look after individual hygiene, and use any product that’s available to them, mentioning names of other hygiene brands like Lux, Dettol, Santoor and Godrej No 1, which are technically Lifebuoy’s arch-rival in the Indian market. 

Hindustan Unilever spokesperson explained this move to be in accordance with the current situation of Coronavirus, trying to educate consumers about hygiene, and the need for having proper hygiene habits and direct access to products that can help keep them safe. Hygiene brands like Dettol and Godrej Protekt have also started their awareness programs utilizing the vast reach of social media platforms. 

Dabur has also been running a series of awareness campaigns on digital platforms, in order to educate their audiences. Dabur Chyawanprash, ImmunoDab, and Giloy Ghanwati started with informative campaigns and also has plans of organizing Q&A session with ayurvedic doctors to clear any confusion an individual has on their mind. 

Though not directly involved with health or hygiene products, brands like Amul, came up with another extraordinary print ad featuring in a number of digital platforms as well, portraying Amul girl washing her hands with the message ‘Better saaf than sorry’, goes aptly with the current times. Amul’s ads have always been praised by all for its contemporary and relevant representations of situations. 

Online food delivery aggregator Zomato, also contributed their share in spreading awareness through a witty scripture in utterly small fonts stating, ‘Germs are tiny. So tiny you can’t see them with your eyes. In fact, there might be millions of them on your fingertips that you see to zoom in to read this. Please wash your hands before eating.’

The streaming giant Netflix strictly sticking to its category code used its popular web series Sex Education screen grab to reach out to its vast audiences with a subtitle reading ‘You should wash your hands, you detty pig’.

The efforts by all these brands, be it involved with the healthcare industry or not, have been lauded everywhere, and have been recognized as an important step towards a safer tomorrow.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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