Joint Letter Sent To BCCI About IPL Prize Money Cut

IPL Prize Money Cut

Days after the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced its decision of reducing the prize money by 50%, all the teams have written a joint letter to BCCI raising quite a few questions regarding this decision. The step taken by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) did not go down well with the eight franchises currently associated with the Indian Premier League (IPL). 

In 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL) started its run in India, attracting a vast number of spectators, especially for the glamour and money that flowed out of it. There have been a few controversies surrounding the huge amount of money involved in the game, as many players often been found to be more interested in playing in this tournament rather than giving utter priority to other important games of a season.

As the news of 50% prize money cut made it to media, the discussion between the franchises resulted in the joint letter being written to BCCI, clearly stating their dissent for the decision and having signatures of all the owners of the eight teams. 

The discussion was first initiated by Delhi Capitals, but later other franchises joined the infamous discussion and after 48 hours of going through the matter, all of them came to an agreement. After 6 teams came to an agreement, Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings were also brought into the discussion, and they too ended up agreeing to the terms. 

The franchises have even questioned BCCI’s intention of taking the decision without keeping the franchises in the loop, as the franchises only getting to know the fact through the media despite being such an integral part of the IPL. The letter is scheduled to reach BCCI president Sourav Ganguly within 24 hours. 

BCCI revealed the decision of prize money cut was in association with the economic slowdown, but franchises too hope for BCCI to at least consider their concerns. The revised controversial rates are; 10 crores for the winner of the 2020 IPL season, 6.25 crores for the runner-up, and 4.375 crores for the teams ending up in third and fourth place. While in the 2019 IPL season, the prize money for all categories was double. 

Nevertheless, the 13th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) will commence on Sunday, 29th March 2020.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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