After World Bank, $8.3 Billion Bill To Be Signed By Donald Trump To Fight Coronavirus

Donald Trump Signs Bill For COVID-19

Amidst the tension of Coronavirus creeping over borders spreading across the world, each country has taken vital steps to wither combat the spread or precautionary measures for keeping the virus at bay. The recent inclusion to the list of Coronavirus aid, US President Donald Trump is all set to sign an $8.3 Billion Bill in order to combat the COVID-19 virus. 

In the past few days, Coronavirus has been spreading in the United States at an alarming rate. As the concern and panic started gripping the US citizens, President Donald Trump gives some hope by signing the $8.3 Billion Bill. The money will be utilized to combat the COVID-19 virus, that has disrupted daily life, threatening the economy, crushed travel with no solution been brought out of it yet. 

The bill was introduced on Thursday and with a sweeping 96-1 vote, the bill was sent to the White House for President Donald Trump. In White House as well, the bill was passed with a fair majority of 415-2, the two opposing votes were cast by senator Rand Paul and R-Ky. 

10 days ago, White House has outlined an amount of $2.5 billion, which was discarded by members of Congress as soon as the proposal was offered. The bipartisan leadership of the House and the Senate Appropriations sat for negotiation on the subject of increasing the aid figure and other provisions. 

Amidst the mounting panic and anxiety among ordinary people, this bill is thought to provide some assurance to the people, which is most important in times of fear. The United States has reported so far 200 positive cases of Coronavirus with the death toll reaching 12. 

Federal public agencies will be provided with $300 million, for delivering drugs, medicines, to conduct tests and potential treatment. $200 million would be allowed for the state, local and federal government in order to prepare for any violent outbreak. Another $1.3 billion is offered for countering the COVID-19 virus overseas and an amount of $7 billion has been funded for small business loans. 

Measures are also being taken for the public to acquire important medical assistance at a reasonable price, said former drug industry lobbyist, Alex Azar. There are other plans in place if the outbreak goes out of hand. However, the virus aid has been welcomed by all in these times of crisis.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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