Entry Of 14 Nationalists Suspended, As Qatar Plans To Contain COVID-19

Qatar Suspends Fights From 14 Nations For Coronavirus

As the deadly Coronavirus continues to deeply affect the entire world, claiming more than 4000 lives worldwide, and more than one hundred thousand people falling to its vicious spells, the world seems to be at a loss, unable to contain the virus, let alone provide a vaccine. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, individual countries have taken a few safety measures in order to combat the virus in their own accord. The latest of these measures includes Qatar’s decision of suspending incoming flights from 14 countries of the world. 

Qatar’s announcement of restricting 14 nationalists from entering its borders is temporary and applies to anybody residing or having a work permit as well as to temporary visitors. Additionally, Qatar Airways has previously announced to restrict flights to and from Italy temporarily starting from 9th March 2020 onward. Qatar has also urged its residents to avoid traveling in these troubled times unless it’s essential. 

The list of eight country flights being suspended from Qatar for at least a period of one week includes China, India, Iran, Iraq, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Lebanon, Phillippines, Syria, South Korea, and Thailand. 

Qatar Airways have also launched a new commercial policy that allows travelers to fruitfully avail their services in accordance with an individual’s travel plans. Passengers having traveling plans before 30th June 2020, will be allowed the privilege of changing their travel plans free of cost by altering tickets for a travel voucher, which has a validity of one year. The changes must be acquired 3 days prior to departure. 

IndiaGo on 9th March posted on their Twitter handle announcing about the restriction imposed by Qatar, temporarily suspending operations to Doha. This decision of Qatar has been made in accordance with the preventive measures opted by different countries to contain the spread of Coronavirus, with the sole purpose of ensuring safety to all residents in the State of Qatar. 

Previously, Kuwait had also stopped flights from 7 countries including India and Bangladesh. The suspension in Kuwait also applies to foreigners traveling from these 7 nations, leaving only citizens of Kuwait to enter subject to quarantine. These 7 countries are Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Lebanon, Phillippines, and Syria, coming to effect from 7th March 2020.

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