‘Golden’ Rice From Telangana For Diabetic Heart

'Golden' Rice For Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the concerning health conditions that affect the regular life of people diagnosed with the disease. In such conditions, the human body fails to break the carbohydrate in the food we intake, thus resulting in an imbalance of blood sugar in the body. 

Generally, diabetics are restricted from consuming too much carbohydrate diets, such as rice. However, the recent development by Telangana Agricultural University professor Jayashankar has come up with a new type of ‘golden’ rice, especially for diabetics. This rice has been tested for reducing only the blood sugar levels but it may also be helpful in fighting cardiovascular diseases. 

The ‘Telangana Sona’ or the ‘golden’ rice of Telanga have lower glucose levels amounting up to only 51.6% which is at least 55% to 62% in other kinds of rice. According to the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Secunderabad, this rice has an additional benefit, having low carbohydrate levels, even lesser than the amount found in Millets. 

American Journal of Food Nutrition published a paper on the ‘golden’ rice of Telangana, which emphasizes its low glycemic index (GI), among its many benefits. As foods with low GI releases glucose slowly and steadily than those food items with high GI realizing glucose rapidly, with this corp, it can be considered as a useful diabetic diet. The research also derived that this ‘golden’ rice is most effective for type 2 diabetes, reducing blood glucose levels as well as elevation in Plasma HDL Cholesterol levels. 

Among many varieties of rice cultivated, ‘Telangana Sona’ was cultivated by the university three years ago during the Telangana floral festival taking place at the time of Dasara,  after the cultivation of Bathukamma. 

According to the vice-chancellor of Telangana Agricultural University, Pravin Rao, the University has been promoting and growing the variety by converting a few lakh hectares into ‘golden’ rice. He also went on to mention, that this is by far the best diabetic-friendly rice that has been developed to date in India. 

The ‘golden’ rice or ‘Telangana Sona’ is also said to be farmer-friendly corp, as the corp takes a really short span of time to yield than other varieties. The time for yielding the ‘golden’ rice takes up to 120 to 130 days. With this cultivation, diabetics can rely on a safe diet that may aid in their diabetic conditions.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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