Coronavirus Digging Deeper Inside India

Coronavirus In India

Since December 2019, Coronavirus has garnered huge popularity, and why not, its vast reach seems indomitable, as nations across the world find it troubling to come to terms with this new threat to life. Originating in Wuhan, China the virus has spread throughout a good part of the world and still continues to count new victims, and claim lives. 

After traveling through China, Italy, Iran, Iraq, the United States, and many other countries the COVUD-19 virus came to India, but the spread was slow compared to other nations. However, with each day new cases being recorded the virus has spread fear with its arrival. 

On Tuesday, 10th March the number of positive cases in India shot up to 62 after 18 new patients were tested positive. Among the 18 new cases, 8 were tested positive from Kerala, Maharashtra recorded 5 new positive cases, 4 from Karnataka, and one person was tested positive in Jammu and Kashmir. 

After such a spike in the numbers of infected citizens, the Kerala government went into high alert. With 14 people being infected in Kerala alone, a specially convened cabinet was formed on Tuesday, to place severe restrictions were imposed throughout the state, by closing down educational institutes, cinema halls, and even postponing marriages until the end of March, in hope of containing the virus from wreaking further havoc. 

Religious institutions were also urged by CM Pinarayi Vijayan to carry on their festivities and celebrations but avoid mass gathering. Educational institutions were asked to postpone examinations of students from class I to VII until the 31st of March. Tuition centers were also requested to stay closed. 

Among the newly registered cases, a Pune-based couple along with their daughter and a co-passenger out of a group of 40 were tested positive, who have just returned from their trip to Dubai. The taxi driver, who drove them from Mumbai to Pune was also found to be infected. 

A three-year-old boy from Kerala who was previously tested positive, now his parents have contacted virus as well and has been quarantined along with others in different hospitals across the state. Kerala has put as many as 1495 people under observation out of which 259 have admitted to different hospitals. 

India has suspended visas and e-visas allowed on or before 11th March to people from specific nationalities as part of the safety measures taken in order to combat and contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In addition to suspending visas from China, Japan, Italy, Iran, and South Korea, 3 new countries were added to the list. This includes France, Germany, and Spain. 

The Indian Government has urged people to refrain from traveling to France, Germany, and Spain in these troubled times. Worldwide the COVID-19 virus so far has wiped out more than 4000 lives with more than 100 thousand people being infected by the virus.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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