La Liga Fixture Suspended, As Real Madrid Goes Into Quarantine

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As the novel Coronavirus continues to sweep off a good part of humanity, every possible sector across the world has also been hit viciously. When daily life and living remains suspended around the world, important sports events being postponed or canceled is nothing surprising. 

Many prestigious sports events have been called off, postponed or suspended while many are undecided and only has ‘hope’ to believe in. With the death toll for Coronavirus rising every passing day if not hour, Euro 2020, La Liga, Copa del Rey seems to be under a heavy cloud of doubt. 

Fear of an empty stadium amidst the outbreak is well thought of, which is the primary reason behind, Copa del Rey final being postponed. Given the fact that both teams Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad have quite a few things to prove and thus increasing the hype, it would be outrageous for footballers to play in front of an empty stadium. 

Effects of Coronavirus even reached the Euro 2020 warm-up, as fearing the current worldwide situation the 5-day event was canceled. Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, and Belgium were scheduled to lock horns in an international tournament held in Qatar before Euro 2020 commences. 

La Liga also gets to taste the downside of Coronavirus, as Real Madrid goes into Quarantine for at least a period of two weeks. Real Madrid senior team went into quarantine after one of the club’s basketball players tested positive for Coronavirus. As both the basketball and football players of the club share the same facilities and training ground in Valdebabas at Ciudad Real Madrid, both team players and others involved have been sent to quarantine. 

Italian and Juventas defender Daniele Rugani tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and was sent to isolation procedure, along with the people he probably has come in contact with. Italy has placed its 60 million residents under lockdown, with only pharmaceutical and food stores being open, after the announcement by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, on Wednesday. 

However, on a brighter note, the decisions will be evoked or re-evaluated only after the situation comes under control. The novel coronavirus has so far claimed more than 4,500 lives worldwide, while the infection has gripped more than 130 thousand and has disrupted the entirety of normal living.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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