Coronavirus Forces United States To Go Under Emergency

US Emergency

As the world is clearly stumbling to contain the outbreak of Coronavirus, Donald Trump on Friday declared an emergency to be imposed on the United States. As the emergency decree came into force, drug company executives swiftly vowed to comply in fast-tracking its Coronavirus testing capabilities. 

The decision comes at a time when the entire world is affected by the pandemic. However, President Donald Trump’s confident words, ‘We will defeat this threat. When America is tested, America rises to the occasion.’ in driving the COVID-19 threat away from the United States of America might give away hope. 

The emergency is bound to open a door to $50 billion funds allowed for the state and local governments to immediately act upon the outbreak. Doctors and hospitals will be allowed ‘flexibility’ in treating patients, and the secretary of health and human resources will have the power to waive federal regulations during the time of emergencies. 

Containing the virus in the United States seemed to be ineffective, as the growing number of cases raised a lot of genuine concern. Six states of the US, namely, Washington, Louisiana, Iowa, Florida, New York, and even Rhode Island have sought out National Guard troops to combat the recent conditions as public gathering and movement were suspended. The US has topped 17,000 cases so far. President Donald Trump has also announced drive-thru testing t be allowed in some areas, similar to Germany and South Korea. 

The rapid spread of Coronavirus has shaken the world, as several countries were forced to take upon drastic measures such as closing borders, quarantine worse hit areas, restricting mass gathering and public movements. 

While the Coronavirus outbreak took place in Wuhan, China, but China now seems to be in control, whereas, Europe’s condition has deteriorated to tenfolds, as World Health Organisation (WHO) director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus quoted saying ‘Europe has now become the epicenter of the pandemic’. This announcement was made after Europe recorded an increasing amount of new cases compared to the time when China witnessed the height of this epidemic. 

Apart from Europe, the number of new cases spike in Spike, forcing Spain’s government to put 60,000 people residing in four towns under a lockdown. Madrid has recorded 2000 people being infected by the virus, who are in nursing homes, and the government is considering offers to transfer hotel rooms into sick wards for the time being. 

Though there is no vaccine yet for treating the COVID-19 virus, China’s recovery rate provides some hope. All countries are taking different measures to contain or combat the virus, but there can be no surety on when the virus can be stopped entirely.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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