In Times Of Coronavirus, Clean Water Is Necessity

Clean Water Is A Necessity In Times Of Coronavirus

There is a reason why water is considered equal to life. Clean water is a priority, and in time of Coronavirus, there is no harm in saying, clean water is a necessity. Like good food, exercising can add up to your health, clean water also plays an important role in keeping us in good health. 

As the fear of the COVID-19 outbreak reaches every corner of the world, a good emphasis has put upon washing hands, in order to prevent infection and spread of the Coronavirus. While washing hands is a priority in contemporary times, access to clean water is limited to only a few. 

Statistics suggest that there are about 844 million people globally who do not have access to clean water. The number of people who do not have clean water access in India alone stands at 163 million, according to the statistics of NGO-Water Aid in 2018. While in Nigeria, the numbers are approximately 59 million. 

This contributes to the growing fear and general concern on how are these people supposed to keep themselves protected from the COVID-19 virus. As the prescribed basic hygiene stands, these 844 million people easily get excluded from acquiring the prescribed basic hygiene. Now, with Coronavirus threatening the entire world, the need for clean water is more important than ever. 

However, it needs to be kept in mind that for providing clean water to all, the global consumption rate needs to be altered. In recent times, the commercial distribution of water results in poor people getting lesser water access and overall unclear water for all. In order to let everyone get access to clean water, the world needs to work collectively, starting with, shrinking large water footprints. 

As almost half of the world sits at home panic-stricken by the spread of Coronavirus and trying to contain it, a few measures we can all take up by living differently, so that, all can have access to clear water. It is where politicians play an important role, as they have the power to change, only if they care enough and puts it on the top of their priority list. 

It is high time for all of us to work collectively and stand by each other as the Coronavirus continues to wipe out a vast population from the face of the Earth, and leaving many affected in its wake. If nothing, this Coronavirus situation gives us a clear insight into the matter that if humankind faces another crisis anytime in the future, can the world have enough clean water for its residents to survive the catastrophe?

Sukanya Chakraborty

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