Coronavirus Digs Deeper In India, One More Death Confirmed

Coronavirus In India

When the whole world is struggling to contain the COVID-19 virus, India gets the better of the panic as new cases of Coronavirus keeps emerging through the alarming measures being opted out. The novel Coronavirus seems to extend its foothold in India, already affecting over 100 people, claiming 3 lives as India nears a complete shutdown. 

Though compared to the global death toll and infected people are far higher in number than that in India, but the growing number is a concern as we can all agree that borders do not restrict viruses. India’s infected count for the past couple of weeks was slowly adding to the number, until Sunday 15th of March, India recorded a contemporary surge of 25 people in a single day. 

By far two deaths were confirmed by the government, and Maharashtra being affected most with 40 cases to its name. But on Tuesday, 17th of March, another death in Maharashtra added to the death toll, as India records 3 deaths for now. Apart from the deaths, new cases are appearing on a daily basis contributing to the statistics of the epidemic. Karnataka and Noida both recorded 2 more positive COVID-19 cases each on Tuesday. Haryana confirmed its first case of Coronavirus on Tuesday as well. 

In a bid to enhance Coronavirus testing all across India, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has placed an order of one million test reagents from Germany. Other than that, nine other laboratories have been included in the network for testing and sample collection. 

In an initiative to stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, the Delhi government has issued disinfection facilities to all public transport, without a penny being charged. All Archeological Survey of India (ASI) sites have shut their doors to visitors in the wake of the epidemic, which includes the infamous Taj Mahal.  

Though there are no positive cases yet recorded in the state of West Bengal, the Bengal government is taking every measure seriously in preventing the virus from entering the state. While at one hand, the state has shut down its educational institutions until the 15th of April and cinema halls were also asked to down their shutter until 31st March. On Monday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee additionally promised to create a fund of ₹200 crores to tackle the possible outbreak. 

With new cases popping up, the government was left with no choice but bar the borders. The government prohibited the entry of all passengers from UE, Turkey, and the UK from March 18, considering the fact that these countries are most affected by the novel Coronavirus and are finding it hard to cope up with the spread. 

The Coronavirus situation around the world has turned grave, which is why the early precautionary measures placed in India are important. However, the next few weeks are crucial for India, in order to further decide the track of the epidemic and its effects on the nation.

Sukanya Chakraborty

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