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O' Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray - 40ml

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unitPack Size: 27gm

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O Toilet Seat Sanitizer disinfects the toilet seat and reduces the risk of UTI, leaving it safe and clean. Shake. Spray. Wait for seconds & Use. It is easy and hassle free to use and one can easily carry it in bag. 'O' Toilet Seat Sanitizer takes just 5 to 10 seconds to dry up completely killing all the harmful bacteria and sanitizes the toilet seat for use giving a pleasant Tropical Breeze fragrance. It is the complete protection against bathroom borne diseases anytime.
Gives Protection from Germs : Kills upto 99.9% germs, protects against bathroom borne germs and diseases like diarrhea and urinary tract infection (UTI).
Travel friendly : This spray bottle can also be used on other bathroom and toilet surfaces such as knobs, taps, flush and door handles. No side effects on skin.
Directions to Use 'O' : Shake well and Spray it on the toilet seat from 7-8 inches away, wait for 5-10 seconds and the seat is clean and safe to use.
Contains Tea Tree Oil : It is an Anti-bacterial agent that gives protection on the go without soap. It contains tea tree oil that act as a natural deodorizer.
Pocket Friendly : Carry 'O' Wherever you Go. Can be easily carried under pant pockets, bags and traveling ladies purse. Easy to use anytime anywhere.
Protect from heat and sunlight.

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SKU Code 8908006982363
Brand O'
Pack Contains 27gm Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray
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