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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Start Earning Online?


Simply Click on the Open My Store Button. Complete the registration process in 3 steps. Once you sign up, you will see best deals & commissions from the best brands from the Health, Beauty, Fitness categories. Add your favorite products to your store & start sharing with your friends & family via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS & eMail. You earn each time when they shop form your store. Don't worry about the Delivery & Post Sales Service, we will take care of it.

Can I Earn From My Own Purchase?


Yes, of course you can earn from your own purchase.

How To Sell Products?


Once you identify the best products, add them to your store & share with relevant family members & friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SMS & eMail.
For an example, Mr. Ravi, your uncle is a diabetic, you add Diabetic Shoes, Glucometers, Sugar Free Foods etc to your store and share that with him. As a potential buyer, he will show interest and may purchase. You get paid once he shops. Isn't it Simple!

What Kind of Products are Available?


You will find a wide range of Health, Beauty, Fitness & Wellness Products. We are in direct collaboration with industry leading Brands such as GNC, Fitbit, Fastrack, Plum Goodness, Philips, Havells, Aroma Magic, Biotique and many more. We ensure authentic products & the best prices for your customers & great commissions for you.

When & How Do I Get the Payments?


Your commission gets credited to your earnings account once the order status is complete. An order gets complete 7 days after it is delivered. You need to earn at least Rs.200 to request withdrawal. We'll credit your commission to your Bank account within 2 working days.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount?


You need to have minimum Rs. 200 balance in your earnings account to request money transfer to your Bank.

How to Earn Money Online : Learn About
Our Partner Program


Would you like to earn money online? Are you looking for an authentic online source to grow your income? If so, this one is just for you. Your wellness partner, zotezo.com has come up with a unique opportunity to earn extra money online without changing your existing routine. All you need to do is to invest a few hour every day and you can earn from our social commerce program. With our partner programme, you can harness the power of social media and grow your income in your spare time with zero investment.

Create your online store

So, you have created your own online store with us. Now you can share your online store on your social media accounts the click of a single button displayed.

Also ensure, you make your store look polished and professional. Remember a well-displayed store always catch your attention whenever you visit any supermarket. Make your store look attractive with proper images and also categories your products properly so that your potential customers can find products as per their requirements without much effort.

Store Promotion

Now that your online store with the partner page, is created and active, you can promote the store with the help of various social media accounts. Some of the common techniques to promote your store in social media are mentioned below :

i. Initiate a discussion about your store or products : Since social media is a platform for social interaction, it will be a good idea to create a conversation about your product and demonstrate them in action. Keep your page engaging and interesting at all times by creating interesting content around your store or products.

ii. Be active with customer service : Whichever social media platform you choose, be active to answer the queries and questions of your visitors. Nothing can beat an active seller who replies the queries of his customer swiftly. Popular social platforms like Facebook offer inbuilt techniques to respond instantly. You can start a personal interaction with your prospective buyers.

iii. Create ad : Popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer facilities like content boosting and advertising to promote your store. You can take advantage of all these services to promote your store on the social media platform.

Sell things online

Now that your store is ready, you can start earning money online. Since it is a website for health, wellness, and beauty; you can customize your own store as per your own preference. For example, if you are a beauty enthusiastic, you can make your estore with beauty and makeup products and name it accordingly. On the other hand, if you are more interested in fitness, you can customize your store with fitness products and pieces of equipment and name it accordingly. Remember, an attractive and suitable name can draw the attention of the visitors in the first place.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing practice for which a business rewards one or more affiliates for their initiatives and ability. It might be beneficial to you. Well, here are two ways you can earn online money with.

i. Social e-commerce : Social e-commerce is the subsection of the e-commerce that involves social media and other online media to support social interaction and selling. Now that you are a part of the partner program, you can share the e-store with various social media platform including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even social messaging app like Whatsapp.

Each of these above mentioned social media platforms have various business and commercial features and you can explore them to earn more money. If you really want to explore the potential business tools these social media sites offer, keep in touch with us and visit our knowledge base. We are coming up with a series of article on how to use various social media platforms. Leverage the power of social media to reach to newer people and present your store to them. Some of them might turn out to be your potential customers. Thus it would be a good option to earn extra money without any extra effort.

i. Social Selling : When a salesperson uses a social media platform to interact directly to the prospective customers, this is called new age salesmanship. If you are looking to make money online, there is another option for you.

Now that you have your store with our partner site, you can leverage the power of your social media account to share it with your social media contacts and friends. If your contacts find your products, suitable to their requirement, they might shop from your online store. The whole concept behind social shopping is that we tend to discuss with our friends and associates before finalizing our purchase decision.

For example, your online friends might turn to you before buying their beauty products if you are known as an authentic beauty enthusiast among your social friends and contacts. With your estore at the partner page of your site , you can leverage your online reputation to earn something extra. We have an inbuilt option at the store where you can share your store or any item you may desire to promote with anyone you want to, with a single click.

ii. Whatsapp : With growing popularity of this social messaging app, you can use Whatsapp to grow your customer base. The commercial wing of Whatsapp, known as Whatsapp business, gives you a chance to open a business account. Here you can add necessary details and description about your products and store. There is another feature called Labels, with the help of which you can organise your contacts or chats. Also there is Quick reply option, with the help of which you can reply to common questions in no time. Along with all these business tools, you can create a group with like minded people in similar business, to promote your products within your group. As your group will grow, so will your customer base.

iii. Facebook Marketing : This might be the favourite place for anyone who is really serious about how to make money online. This new features by Facebook allow sellers to reach to newer customers beyond their friend list. Here you can get chance to join a group and promote your store or products. Once you are a part of online seller group, you can share your store and highlight your products to a large number of potential customers who might be interested to buy from your store.

New popular business tools in social media platforms

Twitter : Twitter is another powerful social media platform to promote your store. If you have an account with Twitter, you might use tools like Topsy, to find the right audience to promote your brand. Other tools like Tweetdeck are also available.

Instagram : Instagram is another powerful platform to promote your zotezo partner store. Here you can have the option to create business profiles and with the help of business tools like Insights, you can promote your store and take it to a large number of audience.

Pinterest : This is yet another popular social media platform that might be helpful to you. Pinterest provides various business tools to promote your online store. This is an image based social media platform. Some of the most common and popularly used business tools include Pinvolve, PinGroupie, PinAlerts.


With the help of social media accounts, you can reach more and more prospective customers every day. Take your store to the right audience. Try to find your own niche.
Remember not everyone might be interested in your products or store in the first time. Try to build a trusted relationship with your prospective customers and visitors. Initiate genuine and focused the conversation with your customers to win their trust. Maintaining a cordial relationship with your potential customer might be helpful in the long run. You can send product updates and promotional offers to anyone who has ever visited your store. They might not be interested in the first place, but might turn to be a genuine and regular customer after sometime. So, do not forget to nurture the personal relationship. Once the relationship is constructed, you don't need to look back.