Lizol Floor Cleaner, Citrus – 975ml, Free Dettol Handwash Refill – 175ml (Any Variant)

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Lizol Floor Cleaner, Citrus – 975ml, Free Dettol Handwash Refill – 175ml (Any Variant)
Lizol Floor Cleaner, Citrus – 975ml, Free Dettol Handwash Refill – 175ml (Any Variant)



Lizol Floor Cleaner, Citrus – 975ml, Free Dettol Handwash Refill – 175ml (Any Variant)

Description of Lizol Floor Cleaner, Citrus

Highlights :

  • Kills 99.9% of Germs and Cleans Tough Stains
  • 10x Better cleaning and protection than standard phenyls
  • India’s No.1 Floor Cleaning Brand
  • Recommended by the Indian Medical Association
  • Use directly or diluted for regular use
  • Leaves a Pleasant Fragrance
  • Suitable for cleaning all kinds of surfaces
  • Lizol is India’s No.1 floor cleaning brand and recommended by the Indian Medical Association.
  • Keep your home fresh and germ-free with Lizol’s comprehensive 3 in 1 home-care solution. 

Lizol Disinfectant Surface Cleaner contains a distinctive formulation that kills 99.9% germs and gives 10 times better cleaning and germ protection than standard Phenyls, keeping the whole house cleaner, shinier and germ free. The product is available in 8 different fragrances and is perfect for floors, tiles, sinks, kitchen counters and all other washable surfaces in your home.

Directions for Use :

For floor and Bathroom Surfaces :

  • Use one capful in half a bucket of water (4 Liters).
  • Gently mop on Surface. No need to rinse. 

Kitchen Surfaces :

  • Use undiluted. Apply on dirty area.
  • Leave for 10 minutes and rinse. 

Precautions &Safety :

  • For External Use Only
  • Do not mix with any other household cleaner or acid
  • Keep out of reach from children
  • Avoid contact with eyes
  • Store away from direct sunlight.

 Cleanliness Tips for your Home :

Lizol surface cleaner is an expert house cleaner and is safe to use on all surfaces including Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Mosaic etc.

For complete Disinfection of Floors, Furniture and Other Surfaces :

  • Light soiled areas should be cleaned with Lizol mixed with water.
  • Heavy soiled areas should be cleaned with Lizol without any dilution
  • If you use a mop and bucket, disinfect them after each use and store them dry with the head upwards.
  • Damp dust hard surface furniture to minimize dust and dirt.
  • To prevent the growth of molds and fungi, clean and disinfect tiled walls and other hard surfaces where moisture is likely to collect.
  • Do not use bleach products on carpets, wooden surfaces or in confined unventilated areas. 

Kitchen Cleanliness to make it germ free and Clean :

  • You also need to clean all your kitchen appliances (e.g. ovens, grills, microwaves, dishwashers) regularly to prevent growth of germs and molds and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and maintaining kitchen appliances and equipment.
  • Remove any food debris from appliances (including toasters and dishwashers) regularly.
  • If appropriate, clean the surfaces of the appliance with hot water and detergent.
  • Clean the outside of appliances such as dishwashers and microwaves, including door seals with an appropriate disinfectant.
  • Pay particular attention to disinfecting the parts that are frequently touched with the hands (i.e. handles and controls).
  • Regularly clean the inside of microwaves with a suitable disinfectant. 

Bathroom Cleanliness for a germ free and Clean Bathroom :

  • Wipe down high-touch surfaces
  • Use Lizol on faucets, toilet flushers, cupboard handles, door knobs, shower door handles, and any other area that you touch with your hands
  • Scrub showers, bathtubs, and countertops.
  • These should be cleaned to help reduce the spread of viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Do it at least twice a week with a disinfectant that contains bleach.


Description of Dettol Liquid Handwash Refill :

Highlights :

  • Trusted Dettol formula protects from 100 illness causing germs
  • Use Dettol liquid hand wash to protect transference of germs from your hands
  • 10 times better protection vs ordinary soaps, dermatologically tested
  • Available in variants like Original, Skin Care, Sensitive, Re-energize, Cool, Daily Clean, Classic Clean
  • Size : 175ml


Your trusted Dettol offers a new and improved Dettol original liquid hand wash. It is specially formulated to protect you from 100 illness causing germs. It gives 10 times better protection than any ordinary soap. You can also protect your family by using the following products like Dettol bar soap which provides 100 percent better protection vs ordinary soaps. Dettol sanitizer to protect your hands from germs when you don’t have access to water and Dettol liquid hand wash. Dettol wipes protects from a wide range of germs anytime, anywhere.

Protects against everyday germs including those that can cause :

Skin infections
Respiratory infections (Influenza)
Gastroenteritis (such as Salmonella and Escherichia Coli)

Lizol Floor Cleaner, Citrus – 975ml, Free Dettol Handwash Refill – 175ml (Any Variant) Prices

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Specification: Lizol Floor Cleaner, Citrus – 975ml, Free Dettol Handwash Refill – 175ml (Any Variant)

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