PureOne Personal Room Air Purifier, Mini

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PureOne Personal Room Air Purifier, Mini
PureOne Personal Room Air Purifier, Mini



Poor air quality is one of the prime public health concerns in our part of the world. Infact, it is a well known fact that the indoor air quality is even worse than the air. With an average person spending more than 90% of the time indoor, taking steps to improve the air quality in your homes can lead to significant health benefits. Pureone Personal Air Purifier is a compact and efficient way of removing pollutants from indoor air and making your home healthier. With no moving parts that wear outing or need replacement, Pureone Personal Air Purifier is an essential gadget to give your family an added health protection. In Todays polluted outdoor environment there cannot be a better gift than a gift of Fresh, Pure and healthy Air.

How It Works

Pureone Personal Air Purifier purifier produces high concentration of negative ions. These negative Ions attach to smoke, dust and pollen particles bringing them down to the ground to discharge leaving behind fresh and clean air. This is one reason why we find air near Waterfalls and Forests to be so fresh (Air near waterfalls and Forests contain thousands of time more negative ions compared to our indoor air). It also produces a refreshing ion breeze silently consuming negligible power. With no moving parts or noisy fan, they are silent in use making them ideal for the bedroom, office or Study-places were even slight sound can be very distracting. No Need for filter-Standard air cleaners only trap pollutants from the air that is drawn through their filters. This air movement it self keeps much of the ultra fine particles in suspension. This also leads to the filter constantly,”filling up” and becoming less effective. On the other hand, Ions emitted from Pureone Personal Air Purifier spread out and actively attack pollutants. They can effectively remove particles smaller than a hepa filter can trap.

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Specification: PureOne Personal Room Air Purifier, Mini

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