SNT BCAA Amino 5000 Instantized – 200gm

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SNT BCAA Amino 5000 Instantized – 200gm
SNT BCAA Amino 5000 Instantized – 200gm



SNT BCAA Amino 5000 Instantized – 200gm

If you looking to get a great-looking body with well-formed muscles, then opt for SNT BCAA Amino 5000 Instantized. This mix is rich in BCAAs that help in maintaining muscles and prevent fatigue due to workouts. During rigorous training, when your body goes through stress, this amino acid provides instant strength. It acts as a fuel that prevents the body from muscle degradation.

The perfect ingredient mix of SNT BCAA Amino 5000 Instantized helps in improving the body’s metabolism. BCAA is transported through blood and oxidised by adipose tissue and liver directly. During workouts, the body converts BCAA into energy and almost 18 percent of energy is provided by this variant of amino acid. Supplements comprising of this amino acid help in improving the overall blood circulation. Be it prior to workouts or post it, SNT BCAA Amino 5000 Instantized shows a positive result. It can easily be blended with other supplements available as well, however only after professional guidance and advise is taken. Fatigue is common in athletes and professionals. This amino acid mix can also help in preventing frequent tiredness and illnesses of the body, and boosts the nervous system.

It has been observed that regular intake of this powder-based supplement can reduce the time taken for completion of your exercise regime in the long run. There is also reduction in loss of muscles with SNT BCAA Amino 5000 Instantized. The BCAA leucine present present in this supplement is effective in the muscle recovery process. This component also helps in transforming fat into energy and prevents degradation of tissues. The best part of this supplement is that it can be consumed at any time of the day. However, for best results, it is advisable to be consumed pre or post your workout. Nitrogen retention of the body increases remarkably with this mix. If you are on a diet, then this is a perfect supplement for you. It contains no animal products and is therefore great for vegetarians too.

Key Benefits :

  • Promotes the synthesis of protein
  • Converts fats into energy
  • Prevents the breakdown of muscle tissues
  • Improves the circulation of blood to the muscles


A Quality Product from SNT

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