Category: Conditions & Cure
Dementia: What To Look Out For

Mental health conditions are often ignored especially in the elderly, but it is important to detect initial symptoms. Severe dementia can be prevented if ...

3 Good Fat Recipes for a Healthy Heart

We should try to eat healthy at every meal, starting with breakfast, and take the healthy road all the way to dinner. We can even make every course, from the ...

How To Help Someone Who Shows Signs Of Depression

The W.H.O. declared 2017 to be the year for mental health awareness, the theme being "Depression: Let's Talk." Here we will talk about the signs of depression. ...

5 Common Symptoms of Anaemia

Ever asked yourself, "Am I anaemic?" Well, you are not alone. Anaemia in women and children is a very common condition and it tops the list of blood diseases ...

5 Signs of Painkiller Addiction

Everyone takes OTC for pain and fever to help manage minor ailments. But many people may be unaware of having a painkiller addiction. Here are five warning ...

10 Ways To Treat Your Hangover

Get drunk. Fall asleep. Wake up the next morning with severe headache, nausea, tiredness and dehydration. You cannot concentrate on anything. You feel ...

Why Mindful Living Is Important To Beat Stress

Wellness begins in our minds. This is the basis of mindful living, and why modern healers and doctors are prescribing more than medicines. Practising yoga, ...

Best Pillows For Neck Pain Relief

Unlike other pain, neck pain develops from an inactive lifestyle. The best ways to bring on neck pain relief is naturally, mainly diet and exercise. Most ...

How To Prevent Neck Ache

Ouch! There’s that irritating crick in your neck again. You think that the neck ache may just go away if you ignore it long enough, and just move your neck ...
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