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5 Signs Of Vitamin D Deficiency And How To Deal With It

It is called the 'sunshine vitamin'. Natural D vitamin is created in your skin with the help of sunlight. Ironically, most Indians lack in serum vitamin D ...

8 Coffee Health Benefits for the Body and Mind

Most people only hear about the health hazards of caffeine-loaded drinks such as coffee. Do you feel guilty every time you hold a cup of joe in your hand? ...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome And How To Deal With It

Irritable bowel syndrome is the feeling of discomfort in your intestines. IBS is often accompanied by cramps, bloating, diarrhoea or constipation. Most people ...

All About Diabetes: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Prevention

Diabetes, like high blood pressure or cholesterol, may not be a disease itself, but it leads to chronic and fatal diseases. What is more alarming is how ...

10 Sneaky Symptoms of Thyroid Disease

When your thyroid is normal, you will not even notice it exists, but once it fails to function normally, you simply cannot ignore the common symptoms.   ...

Migraine Headache Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Let's get one thing clear: A bad headache is not a migraine headache. Migraines are intensely painful, typically occur on one side of the head, and make doing ...

World Hepatitis Day 2018: Eliminate Hepatitis

The first World Hepatitis Day was a community-led event on 28 July, 2008. On its 10th anniversary, the world will again come together to raise awareness about ...

Stomach Flu: Symptoms and Treatment

It feels awful and embarrassing to be hit by stomach flu, especially as there is no cure. The best way to deal with it is to let it run its course. But first, ...

3 Heart Healthy Indian Recipes

Here are three heart healthy Indian recipes that even beginners of Indian cuisine (also known as "curry" in some countries) can try. If you were on a world ...

Why Eating Dark Chocolate May Be Good For Your Brain

Love chocolates? It sounds too good to be true, but eating dark chocolate can be good for your health, especially the brain. July 7th is world chocolate day ...
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