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Top 10 Best Yoga Mats in India

Overview: Yoga Mats Are you a beginner or an expert yoga practitioner who’s looking for a new yoga mat? Then we are here to help you decide which one you ...

All About Cortisol and How To Reduce It

Cortisol levels might have been much more pronounced in our distant ancestors, but it is the same stress response that helps modern man deal with day-to-day ...

Top 6 Health Benefits of Noni (Indian Mulberry) Juice

 What is Noni Juice? Noni Juice is derived from the fruit of a "Morinda Citrifolia" which is a tree belonging to the coffee family. ...

17 Proven Health & Beauty Benefits of Ashwagandha

What is Ashwagandha? Ashwagandha, aka Indian Ginseng, is a woody plant, popularly used as a powerful medicinal herb. It is a Sanskrit word which is a ...

10 Stress Management Tips Approved By Doctors

Stressed out? Doctors will tell you that you do not need to attend a stress management seminar to relieve it. You can learn how to handle day to day stress. ...

Choosing a Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use

Perhaps someone you love was recently diagnosed with a higher or lower than normal BP? There are many reasons why people nowadays invest in home blood pressure ...

Are Your Kids Affected By Your Stress?

Stress happens. But it is bad for health, and it has a trickle-down effect on families. That means that pretty soon your children, whatever their age, will ...

8 Signs That Chronic Stress Is Making You Sick and How To Overcome It

Is your life so stressful that you are getting sick? You know that you have chronic stress when it lasts for weeks, months and even years. Chronic stress ...

7 Comfort Foods You Can Chow On To Beat Stress

Stop! Before you reach for another brownie or burger to calm your nerves, think again. Even though it is very tempting to chew away your blues by biting into ...

How To Help Someone Who Shows Signs Of Depression

The W.H.O. declared 2017 to be the year for mental health awareness, the theme being "Depression: Let's Talk." Here we will talk about the signs of depression. ...

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